Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Carmex Lip Conditioner

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*

Fall and winter mean things dry out...including our lips and skin unfortunately. It's tough to find the right products to keep the moisture that we need. Here is something that you'll want to try for your lips.

The product:

Carmex Lip Conditioner

Like your lip balm on the lighter side? Our Lip Conditioner absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, plus we blend a hint of natural orange flavor with 13 moisturizers to deliver extra-soothing results.
  • Your skin’s lipid bilayer is made up of two layers of fatty acids; its job is to help keep moisture in the skin. Our Lip Conditioner includes lanolin, which replicates the way the lipid bilayer in your skin retains moisture.
  • Our formula includes dimethicone to aid with moisturization and protect the tender skin on your lips.
  • Our Lip Conditioner uses allantoin to effectively aid with moisturization plus help healing.

What I thought: I like the Carmex lip conditioner. It is smooth to put on and has a pleasant citrus flavor. It's also great for the boys in my house. They like to complain when the only things I have for lips are too girly. This is definitely something that is good to keep on hand for wintertime for those chapped lips.

Where to buy: You can find this product in stores and online.

Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*

Another great historical fiction book that I've found is Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden. This is a new author for me. While I love historical fiction, especially of the love story variety, I find it fun to explore different authors from time to time.

The product: Against the Tide is a book about a young lady trying to find her way through life when a man catches her eye. There are a few problems to overcome, but it seems that Lydia and Bane have a little "thing" for each other.

Lydia Pallas has carved out a good life for herself in Boston, where she has landed an enviable position as a translator for the U.S. Navy. When her talents bring her to the attention of the mysterious Alexander Banebridge, he hires her to translate a seemingly innocuous collection of European documents. 
But Lydia soon discovers this job is more than it appears. Bane is driven by a secret campaign to end the opium trade, compelled by his troubled past. When Bane’s enemies gain the upper hand, can Bane and Lydia—and the love growing between them—survive the forces that are conspiring against them?

What I thought: I enjoyed this book. I like the the issues, even set in the late 1800s, are still relevant today. And love isn't always easy. If you're a fan of romantic, historical fiction, give this one a try.

Where to buy: Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden is available in book stores and online.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Night I Had a Laughmare! Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville, by J.E. Laufer

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.

Sleep should be a good, peaceful time for children. Sometimes they are worried about the "what if's" and it's hard to sleep. Help them have fun before bed instead with the book Last Night I Had a Laughmare! by J.E. Laufer.

The product:

“This story will not only hold the children’s attention, but give them the wonderful sensation that they are part of the story and frolicking with the characters…”
– Clive CusslerNew York Times Bestselling Author of American Adventure/Thriller Novels / List Price: $16.95

J.E. Laufer’s delightful new picture book, Last Night I Had a Laughmare, takes sleepyheads of all ages to a magical world of bedtime adventure where nothing is EVER quite what it seems! Star-hung swings? Purple hair? Shoelaces made of spaghetti? These are just a few of the surprises in store for visitors to Gigglyville…and the town’s silly residents love to have company. Bring your own chair and join Liverlips, Smellyfeet, Purple Pudding and Dishes on an exciting romp through a place where special wishes are granted, snowballs are made of ice cream, and readers will be laughing ‘til morning. Fantastic fun!

What we thought: My son enjoyed this book. (He enjoys most books!) This book has such a silliness to it that really appeals to children. I'm glad for books like this to not take life so seriously. It will make a great addition to your children's bookshelves.

Where to buy: Please check the website link above for purchases.

Monday, October 14, 2013

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