Friday, September 10, 2010

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado Book Review

Do you ever think about what imprint you will leave behind when you are gone? God made each of us to make a difference. It's up to us what we will do with our lives. Why not use this one life we have to make a big difference? That's exactly what Max Lucado wants us to think about in his new book "Outlive Your Life".

I have been thinking about these things recently. Then I got my hands on this book. "Outlive Your Life" inspires me to do just that. Each generation leaves it's mark on the next. I have to step back and ask myself if I'm helping my generation. Will our children and grandchildren look back on us with admiration? That's what I truly hope will happen.

Max Lucado uses Bible passages, stories, and inspiring words in "Outlive Your Life." Each chapter ends with a short devotion and prayer. They are great blessings to me and others who will read this. So how will you Outlive Your Life?