Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Hello My Name Is Hope" Program

Facebook, we're all on it. We're there to connect with friends (or sometimes just to be nosy), play games, enter contests and more. Now there is a great app that helps support a very important cause. And you can easily be part of it.

To get more attention to breast cancer awareness the "Hello My Name is Hope" campaign was started by, a leading business-to-business online and direct marketer of office products. It's simple. They are inviting Facebook users to post and personalize virtual "Hello My Name is Hope" stickers on their profiles to honor breast cancer survivors and victims.

My family has been affected by breast cancer as many others have. My mother lost one of her closest friends to breast cancer a few years ago. Cyndi fought the disease for several years before it finally took her from us.

When you make a "Hello My Name Is" sticker with the Facebook application, will donate $1 - up to $20,000 - to City of Hope. They are a National Cancer Institute- designated comprehensive cancer center dedicated to research, treatment and education. And during the month of October, all the stickers made will be displayed in a community gallery on's Facebook page, creating a virtual wall of breast cancer messages and images.

What are you waiting for? You know you'll check Facebook later anyway! Go create your sticker now!