Thursday, August 4, 2011

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Are you on Medicare? If you’ve had problems covering expenses that Medicare doesn’t, senior health insurance might be right for you. It is meant to help bridge the gap where Medicare Part A and Part B do not. With a policy like this, you can help cover co pays, deductibles and other uncovered expenses.

Insurance is not my field. I understand the basics of what our family plan covers and that gets me by. I’m lucky that I have a mother who is an insurance salesperson. She understands all the rules and limitations. And she can easily explain things to people who don’t get it. I like that she’s helpful, but not everyone has someone like this to help them out with insurance questions. Fortunately there are other places to turn for information on Medicare. This will help you navigate through a sometimes confusing task.

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Nina Say @ The One Fantastical said...

I am not on medicare but insurance just seems so confusing to me! I let my husband handle all of that!

Unknown said...

I have Medicare but my husband still works so we have his insurance also...I have to tell you that even with this coverage you need a supplement insurance is horrible and you can get into trouble quickly if you get sick.