Sunday, October 30, 2011

Smart Kids Who Play Sunscreen Review

Kids love to play outside. It's great for them to exercise and get fresh air. But we're all wary of the damages that sun can do to our kids skin too. We want to protect them and make sure that they are playing smart. That's what Smart Kids Who Play Sunscreen is all about. Your kids can be covered and protected from the sun and still play and have fun. This sunscreen and some other new things are from Smart Girls Who Surf.

Introducing Smart Kids Who Play From Smart Girls Who Surf 
THINK: A head start on sun safety. 
WHAT IT IS: Smart sun protection for active kids. Just one blistering sunburn during childhood more than doubles the chance of developing melanoma later in life, so it's never too early to teach your little ones healthy skincare habits. This summer, Smart Girls Who Surf unveils an all-new sun protection line designed just for kids called Smart Kids who Play. Playing safely in the sun begins with an easy enjoyable SPF ritual kids will have fun learning and practice for a lifetime. 
*SPF 35+ Sunscreen Lotion for Face and Body ($14.99):  This kid-safe, non-penetrating SPF 35+ formula is made with micronized Titanium and Zinc that create a barrier against UVA/UVB rays. Free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, SPF 35+ Sunscreen Lotion has a delicious aromatherapy blend of Orange essential oils. The ultra-protective water-resistant formula retains efficacy even after 80 minutes of water activity and perspiration. 
*SPF 15 Lip Balm ($3.99): Thick waxy lip balms are a thing of the past with this yummy new lip protector from Smart Kids Who Play. The all natural grape flavored balm is made with organic palm oil, beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, natural flavor, organic hemp seed oil, rosemary extract, and vitamin E for a delicious and safe way to guard sensitive lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 
*SPF 30+ Face Sticks ($12.99): Perfect for busy parents, this portable face protector makes for quick, no-mess application on the go. The SPF 30+ Face Stick shields delicate skin with a natural chemical-free blend of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide --no harmful additives that sting sensitive faces. 

We got the chance to try the Smart Kids Who Play 35+ Sunscreen this summer. This lotion is very nice to apply and it did it's job. My son loves to run around and play outside in the summer. We have a nice area in our yard where he can play. We also go to my parents' house a lot in the summer. They have a large property, and my son loves to run around, swing, play yard games, and swim in the pond. I am very careful about making sure that he has sunscreen on there, because there is not as much shade in the areas where he's playing. Plus with him in the water, some sunscreens rub off easily. The Smart Kids Who Play sunscreen is made to stay on even in water. That's a huge plus for me!

If you're looking for a nice sunscreen that will work to protect your kids, I definitely recommend the Smart Kids Who Play Sunscreen. You can learn more about them on their website. This sunscreen and their other products are available there and other places online too.

*Disclaimer: We received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*


Gladys Parker said...

Sounds wonderful! Stays on in the water and while running around being kids.
Gladys P

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