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Timmy Time: Hide and Seek DVD

is a buddy of Shaun the Sheep's. We've been watching Shaun the Sheep for a few years now and have always loved him. When we first started seeing Timmy Time on Disney, we were thrilled. Timmy Time is great with all the other little animals. The silent antics with their little "baa"s and "hooty hoot"s are so funny. I think kids and parents alike can see what fun Timmy Time is. And they will love him in the Timmy Time: Hide and Seek DVD.

Timmy Time™: Hide And Seek 
Play Hide & Seek With Your Favorite Preschool Friends! 
From Lionsgate And HIT EntertainmentStreet Date: 9/20/11DVD SRP: $14.98 
PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONReady or not, here he comes! Preschool favorite Timmy and pals Yabba, Paxton, Bumpy, Mittens, Stripey and the rest are back for five all-new, antic-filled, good-hearted episodes in Timmy Time™: Hide and Seek, available on DVD September, 20 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. 
With slapstick humor and not a single line of dialogue, "Timmy Time" follows a day in the life of preschoolers, where they learn lessons about friendship and trial and error to which every young child can relate. "Timmy Time" airs on Disney Channel's Disney Junior programming block for kids ages 2-7 and their families, airing in more than 99 million U.S. homes. The show is created by Aardman studios, the Academy Award®-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit™. 
DVD SYNOPSIS:Come out, come out wherever you are to join Timmy and his preschool playmates for hide and seek and so much more! From finding the perfect hiding place for noisy Paxton to making paper boats with a sneezy Stripey, Timmy and his friends uncover adventure and surprises filled with fun and laughter in these five adorable stories that the whole family will enjoy. 
  • "Timmy Tries to Hide" - The class is playing Hide and Seek, but no one wants to hide with the noisy Paxton, who keeps giving them away. Timmy finally helps Paxton by hiding with him behind some hay-bales. But they're so well hidden that when it comes to Snack Time, no one can find them!
  • "Timmy Gets the Job Done" - It's time for spring cleaning in the Preschool, but all Timmy wants is to go outside and play. Rushing his chores, he ends up making more of a mess, getting himself into trouble and being sent to sit on the Naughty Stump. Timmy finally learns to finish his jobs properly so he can join the others in their play.
  • "Timmy Goes Bang" - After hearing thunder during a storm, Timmy becomes fixated with loud noises, banging anything he can find! But poor Apricot is frightened by all these sounds, until she finds something to bang for herself...
  • "Timmy Wants the Beret" - Ruffy is wearing a beret... and Timmy wants it! After successfully getting hold of it, Timmy also takes Otus' hand-puppet and Mittens' wagon! But he doesn't know what to do when his beloved teddy-bear goes missing...
  • "Timmy Afloat" - The class is making boats, but Timmy has been paired with a very sneezy Stripey, who keeps ruining his efforts. When Stripey accidentally breaks Otus' boat, Timmy is forced to give the little owl his boat. Finally, Stripey's sneezing comes in handy and pushes the pair's new paper-hat boat to the finish line!
  • Timmy Time Sing-Along
  • Timmy's Days of the Week (educational special)
Year of Production: 2011
Title Copyright: © Aardman Animations Limited 2010. 'Timmy Time' (word mark) ad character 'Timmy' are trademarks used under license from Aardman Animations Ltd. All rights reserved © HIT Entertainment Limited. HIT and the HIT logo are trademarks of HIT Entertainment Limited.
Type: TV on DVD
Rating: NR
Genre: Children/Family/Animated
Age Target: 2-5 years old
Closed Captioned: English
Format: Full Screen
Feature Running Time: 45 minutes
DVD Audio Status: 2.0 Dolby Digital
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This DVD was fun and entertaining like you'd expect from Timmy Time. My son and I enjoyed it. The "Timmy Tries to Hide" episode is so funny. We all know what it's like to try to play a game with someone who doesn't get it. Ever try to play hide and seek with a very young child? It doesn't last long. I feel Timmy's pain. :)

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