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AllerMate - Take Action for Your Child's Allergies #Giveaway

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We are very fortunate that our son is not allergic to anything he's tried in the first 6 years of his life. I was always really paranoid about him developing allergies. I did everything I could to delay certain foods when he was younger. I have been around plenty of families with children who have severe food allergies. I know what a tough road that it, and I wanted to do anything in my power to help prevent that. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that what I did kept my child from getting allergies completely. While it may possibly have helped, I also think genetics and pure luck have had a lot to do with it.

The product: AllerMates are an easy way for you to make your child's allergies known. It makes summer play dates and back to school a little easier for them and mom. You can get a bracelet/wristband, dog tags, or lunch box with your child's allergy right on it. It will make more people aware and cautious around your child.

Allergy- Conscious Mom Takes Action 

With AllerMates®

Parents, Camp Counselors, Care-Givers, 
Teachers and Kids Get Comfort and Security
Perfect for Camp and Summer Travel 
Montvale, NJ (May 1, 2012)--- A mother of a child with multiple food allergies was frustrated by the lack of allergy-related kid-friendly products so she took action and created AllerMates®, a new line of bright, fun, whimsical character-driven wristbands, dog tags and lunch boxes that her son would happily embrace. 

Parents of children with allergies can now enjoy the safety and security of knowing their young ones are better protected against unwanted allergens when they wear or use AllerMates products away from home in places like school, daycare, parties, sleep-overs and summer camp.  AllerMates arrive in time for Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 13-19 and for camp and summer travel.

AllerMates products are based on 14 fun, original characters that represent the most common allergies: peanut, nut, gluten/wheat, milk, egg, shellfish, penicillin, insect sting, latex, pollen, fish, soy, sesame and cat. The characters and product line was created by Iris Shamus, Founder and CEO of AllerMates, in part to help kids feel positive about their allergies.  

“No matter how many forms I signed or how many times I spoke to the teacher the inevitable happened” states Iris Shamus,AllerMates Founder.  “My son and another allergic classmate were offered food they weren’t supposed to have.  It didn’t go well. So, I set out to create something more personalized so that a teacher or caregiver would always be aware of his allergies,” continues Shamus.  “AllerMates wristbands gave me a sense of comfort and security I couldn’t have without them. 

Even with posters like nut-free zone or dairy-free zone around a classroom, AllerMates is designed to present a more personalized, visual representation of specific allergies. When a child raises his or hand or carries an AllerMates lunch bag there is that distinctive visually appealing character as a constant reminder to be on alert.

AllerMates products are hypo-allergenic, nickel and latex free and have passed rigorous safety standards and testing.  The wristbands are adjustable and fit most children.  The AllerMates Gang characters are:
P. Nutty (Peanut Allergy)Nutso (Nut Allergy)Professor Wheatley (Gluten / Wheat Allergy)Pint (Milk Allergy)Eggie (Egg Allergy)Crabby (Shellfish Allergy)Super-Cillin (Penicillin Allergy)Bizzy (Insect Sting Allergy)Dr. Strangeglove (Latex Allergy)Drift (Pollen Allergy)Detective Fin (Fish Allergy)Soy Cool (Soy Allergy)Teeni Tahini (Sesame Allergy)Nine (Cat Allergy) The AllerMates website ( offers both parents and children easy to read and understand tips, facts and general information about allergies as well as lots of fun games and activities based on the line of AllerMatescharacters.  The website also has a fully functional social community allowing its members free and easy interaction and sharing of the latest blogs, news, videos and information within the allergy community. You can meet the AllerMates Gang there and get the back story on each character as well as fun tips (did you know a peanut isn’t actually a nut … it’s a legume).

AllerMates products can be purchased at, at and at independent retailers throughout the U.S. as well as stores in Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal and South America. Look for AllerMatesproducts at national retailers this summer.P. Nutty

Allergy Facts:Food allergies among children jumped 18 percent from 1997 to 2007. One out of every 25 children, or 5.9 million, has a food allergy, according to a study published last year in "Pediatrics," the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Of those children, nearly 40 percent have a history of severe reactions. About 15 percent of all allergic reactions occurred at school. In 2010 researchers found that 8% of children under age 18 in the United States have at least one food allergy.
About AllerMatesAllerMates is a registered DBA of Awearables, LLC, a Montvale, New Jersey company.  The company is privately held and counts Benjamin Shamus (age 8), VP of Incentivizing the CEO, among its employees. For information about AllerMates products call 866.245.1370 or email

What we thought:

 Like I said before, I'm very fortunate not to have a child with food allergies. We did, however, receive the peanut allergy bracelet to check out. P. Nutty is a cute character that makes the peanut allergy seen right away. This bright, cheery bracelet will stand out for others to see, and your child won't mind wearing it with the fun character and bright colors.

You can see above the photo of all of the different types they carry. And their lunch boxes and dog tags look great too. I think this is a great thing for a family with allergies to have that little bit of extra protection for their children. Maybe these will help bring a little more awareness.

Where to buy: You can find AllerMates on their website, Amazon, and some retail stores in the US, Canada, and a few other countries.

How to connect: You can learn more about AllerMates on their website- And you can find them on Facebook and Twitter too.

Prize: One of you can win an AllerMate bracelet for yourself or someone you know.

Giveaway: This giveaway is open until 12:01am EST on 7/27/12. It is open to US residents only. Please enter in the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*


eclairre said...

I'd get the peanut allergy one.

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I'd get the puffer (asthma) one.

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the tree nut allergy one.

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i would get the cat allergy band

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I would choose

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I'd get the asthma one for my son.

Pamcakes said...

Egg and/or Peanuts one
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i would pick the peanut one, p. nutty

Allison said...

I would chose the peanut. These are fantastic!

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I would choose the peanut or tree nut because I work at a school where kids suffer from these allergies. I would give this prize to the nurse.


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asthma wristband "puffer"

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the superchillin allergic to cute!