Sunday, October 7, 2012

World of Tail Towns Friends by Ganz

Ganz, the makers of the popular Webkinz, has a new Facebook game. Tail Towns Friends is not only a fun game, but you can also find lovely hand-painted figurines of the characters in the games to collect.

The product: You get to help the fun, little animal characters in this game make their business work. By meeting new characters you can harvest crops that will help run a restaurant and more.

Here is a description of the game:
Brought to you by the makers of the wildly-popular Webkinz, Ganz has created an enchanted world of mystery, rich with tales of intrigue, treachery and forbidden love just for you grown-ups! Interested? 
Combining the fun of social media gameplay with timeless charm and unparalleled beauty, Tail Towns Friends offers players drama and juicy, soap opera-inspired storylines and the photo-realistic art allows players to become landscape artists to create the home and garden of their dreams.  
Here is what you can enjoy while playing:  
·         Players help friends and supply city businesses amidst unfolding tales of soapy drama
·         The ability to create the ultimate landscaped country getaway 
·         Intertwining storylines, featuring cinematics and voice-acting 
·         The ability to create the ultimate landscaped country getaway  
·         Intertwining storylines, featuring cinematics and voice-acting  

Tail Towns Friends also delivers a total gaming experience with custom-designed collectible fully hand-painted beautifully crafted figurines, bridging the real world with the virtual one.
Register Tail Towns Friends figurine to unlock the character’s exclusive storyline and “Secret Diary Goals,” which gives players insight into his/her life. Each figurine rewards users with an exclusive specialty virtual item as well. Registering other collectible figures’ secret codes unlocks even more Secret Diary Goals and exclusive items. The figurines are not only a great addition to the game, but also stand alone as a wonderful addition to any collector’s shelves.

What I thought: I received a cute bunny figurine that goes along with this game. I haven't played Tail Towns Friends much yet. I just started it on Facebook. So far, it's pretty fun. There are little, easy challenges like doing things on a "farm", harvesting apples, planting new trees, etc. There is a story that follows along the whole game. You are talking to several characters and they lead you to others for new tasks. It reminds me a little of the game Alice Greenthumbs or similar ones if you've played those. This one seems to be more involved with the story.

I would definitely say this is a game for adults/older kids. You have to be able to follow the dialog to figure what to do next and what is going on. It's not something my son could play. The figurine is cute. If you're into collecting knick knacks like that, they would be cute if you had several together. I don't think mine is something that I'll really use, but I don't have little knick knacks like that around my house. However, the character figurines come with a code that you can use in the game, so it makes it more fun to collect and get new codes.'s a fun new game.

Where to buy: The game is available for free on Facebook. You can find the figurines in stores and online.

How to Connect: Go visit Tail Towns Friends on Facebook now.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*


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