Friday, August 30, 2013

FRAAS Mystical Waters Scarves

Scarves as accessories have been on the fashion scene for a while. I can see why, though. They are versatile and easy to wear with anything. You can find heavier-weight ones for colder weather, and light-weight is perfect for warm temperatures. You can get a beautiful scarf to match any outfit.

The product: The rising interest in chic, year-round accessories and fashion layering is evident everywhere. Fashion-savvy women have discovered the versatility of scarves as an accessory and are collecting them each season to accent their wardrobes and individualize their personal style. FRAAS is on target with an exciting new range for Spring-Summer 2013, which focuses on three stories.

Mystical Coast incorporates an opulent, iridescent, natural composite for prints and deluxe, yet gentle detailing. East Meets West presents modernity meeting tradition. Jungle Fever is a lively, hot summer story encompassing the plant life of the jungle and the vivid creatures that occupy it. Lightweights in cotton, modal, silk, viscose chiffon, acrylic, tropical weight wool and blends flow beautifully in solid, ombre, floral, fruit, stripe, plaid, dotted, splatter-paint, animal, sea and abstract patterns. Some are textured via crinkling, embroidering and puckering effects, others are classic, and several are sheer and gauzy. Infinity silhouettes continue and are clearly understood by consumers because they are so easy to wear. There are several options that are unisex so that everyone can own a FRAAS scarf this season. FRAAS is also on the mark with their color trends in which the season's prettiest neutral/soft, mid-tone, ad bright palette options are represented within the range.

Retails range from $28 to about $130 (silk blend). There is no other fashion accessory that makes such a strong fashion statement for this affordability and has so many flexible wearing options. Several styles can be folded as head wraps, waist wraps, sarongs, and depending on the style, even a halter top. Others do double duty and can be used as a shawl for coo; nights, air conditioning, travel and, again, the creation of a chic fashion accessory statement. Easy to wear, simple to drape or tie, this line makes great sense for a self or gift purchase. Style 623949 which is appropriately named, Mystical Waters, is a very beautiful, oversized printed style that measures 40x72 inches. Therefore, it is a versatile look that can be worn as a wrap or scarf. It retails for $48 and is available in vibrant combinations, including turquoise and coral options. It works with day or evening looks and is on target with its flattering palette and popular viscose yarn.

"Developing exceptional, well-timed, attractive products has always been a priority for us as FRAAS," says Aimee Zucchetti, Brand and Sales Manager for the company. "We hope we can help consumers renew their attire with energizing, affordable looks so that everyone has the opportunity to accessorize like a fashionista!" Ken Krieger, the VP of Sales for the company agrees and adds, "Whenever a woman wants to add a finishing touch and zest to her look -- she can reach for one of our FRAAS styles and be confident that it will produce the perfect result. It is astounding what a difference a scarf can make to the total look."

About FRAAS: Scarf producer V. Fraas (corporate owner of the FRAAS brand) celebrates more than 130 years in business. Ever since its foundation in 1880 by Valentin Fraas, the world leader for mufflers and shawls has thrived and advanced under the control of his descendants -- as remarkable feat in this transitory world. But V. Fraas has more to celebrate than mere longevity: it is a forward looking company that continues to expand at a quick pace, and it is continuously implementing new ideas and concepts. From its bases in New York, Paris, London, Wustenselbitz, Toronto and Shanghai, V. Fraas' design teams travel to major shows and forecasting seminars throughout the globe to identify new trends and develop products that are perfectly attuned to fashion and customer demand. The company's research team, meanwhile, works unceasingly to develop and discover new yarn, fabric and methods of manufacturing products that are of truly outstanding quality. Truly internationally oriented, the company boasts sales subsidiaries and satellite offices in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Denmark, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. Products are distributed worldwide via department and specialty stores as well as online retails.

What I thought: I received the Mystical Waters FRAAS scarf in pink. It is really pretty. It looks like the one pictured above. It was just long enough for me to gather and tie it in a knot to wear around my neck. It was a great summer accessory. It was light-weight and was useful to keep the sun off me. These are great scarves that are well-made and will hold up over time.

Where to buy: You can purchase this or other FRAAS scarves directly from the company by calling 212-575-0191. Select styles are also available at and


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These are absolutely beautiful -- I have never seen a scarf quite like this. I will have to look into this for a Christmas gift for MIL.
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Ik heb een vraag. De website lijkt te zijn geinspireerd op fashion blogs. Ze verkopen alleen geen jurken maar stenen zoals composiet,keramiek,terrazzo,graniet Wat vinden jullie van de website Top of flop?