Monday, June 23, 2014

Bronze Buffer - Help for Self Tanning

*Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*

Many people enjoy summer for the sunshine and tan skin. My skin does get tan, but it's not something I seek out like others. The older I've gotten the more easily I burn. Lucky for me my burn doesn't stay red long, though. I still avoid getting too much sun. I try to make sure I have plenty of time in the shade while outdoors, and I wear sunscreen to help protect my skin too.

Another alternative is using self-tanner. You can get the nice tanned look without exposing your skin to too much sunshine. Sometimes with self-tanner, though, you get blotchy spots or tanner in a spot you didn't really need it. This is where the Bronze Buffer comes into play.

The Bronze Buffer is almost self-explanatory from it's name. It is a sponge that is made to help make your self tan look even and nice. For a no stress, tanning mess, just keep this product on hand all summer long (and winter too...why not!).

For a great self tan follow these easy steps:
1. Exfoliate your legs with a non-oily scrub, loofah or mitt.
2. Apply your favorite tanner, making sure to let it dry fully before getting dressed.
3. Refine your results with the Bronze Buffer. Even out streaks on your legs, blend any excess color on the tops of your feet, and be sure to get between your toes!
4. Now that you have picture-perfect color, add a little shine before stepping out. You can try a body cream or oil - take your pick!

The Bronze Buffer sponge works with only water. There are no added ingredients or chemicals. The gentle exfoliation from the Bronze Buffer will gently remove unwanted self-tanner from the upper layers of skin. No more streaks or color mistakes. You can have a perfectly tan look with ease.

Bronze Buffer costs $10 for 2 sponges. You can purchase it at