Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All Modern Baby Review

All Modern Baby is an online retailer that specializes in modern children's furniture and other accessories. They carry many popular brands such as Maclaren, Stokke, Bugaboo, and many others.

I love the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. This is a versatile high chair that also turns into a toddler chair and can be used for adults as well. I know one of these would be great in our house. It comes in so many different colors and even has a 7 year warranty.

Another thing I love from All Modern Baby is the Bugaboo - Cameleon Stroller. I would love to have an awesome stroller like this for my next baby. The bassinet is a great place for a sleeping baby to rest. When Zachariah was a baby, I loved walking around the mall with him in our stroller. It was nice for me to get out of the house and get a little exercise walking around, plus I could look for bargains on baby clothes. And the movement of the stroller always made him fall asleep, so he got a nice little nap out of the trip. This stroller would be perfect for that. I love all the colors the Bugaboo - Cameleon Stroller comes in too. Check out the orange above.

Or if you're really into modern decor, this table from ducduc is awesome. I might be willing to go more modern just so I could get this table. It is set up for families. There are booster seats and high chair seats that go with it. And the table pieces that pull out are great. Plus there is storage inside. So many options with a table like this.

If you're looking for some fun, unique baby toys for your children or for someone else, All Modern Baby has many great ones. I know the Wonderworld - Sliding Town City Themed Building Blocks would be a big hit with any toddler/pre-schooler boy. I know my 3 year old son would love it.

I especially love this little scooter from Svan. I can only imagine the fun that kids would have on this great ride-on toy. And I love the wood construction of it. It's definitely a unique and exciting toy.

I was given the opportunity to review a JJ Cole Diaper Bag from All Modern Baby. They have a big assortment of diaper bags on their site too. The JJ Cole - Mode Tote in Green Mod is a great bag. I have been thoroughly impressed with it. It has so many wonderful features to it.

I loved the large shoulder strap with a nice pad on top. And the pad moves easily, so if you adjust the bag you don't have to worry about the shoulder pad moving with it. It's big enough that you can wear it across your body comfortably. I love that I can do that, because it frees up my hands and I'm not worrying about the bag slipping off my shoulder either. Or the tote straps are just as great. They close shut with snaps at the top too. And they are long enough to comfortably carry over your shoulder. If they are not in use, they can easily tuck into the front and back pockets where you won't even notice them. Also the shoulder handle is removable for when it's not in use.

Inside the JJ Cole bag there are many pockets. I found spots that would hold diapers wipes, and so many more things. You won't have to worry about losing stuff in the bottom of this bag. Everything will have it's own place. I don't carry a diaper bag any more (except to try this one out), and I found lots of places for my items as well as my son's. His little toy cars went into one pocket, my wallet into another. In the front there are two slim pockets that I found great to use for my notepad and pen. There is also a bottle/sippy cup slot on the outside.

And the other things I loved on the inside was the key clip. You definitely don't have to worry about losing your keys in the bottom.

This bag is thin and stands tall. There are 4 metal stabilizing feet on the bottom, which are great when you're out to dinner and want the bag sitting beside you for easy access to baby items. The size and shape were perfect for me.

The JJ Cole bag also comes with stroller attachments. I love using those when I need more space in my stroller basket. The attachments are easy to put on and just unclip when you're done. Depending on how heavy your bag is, they may tip the stroller if no one is in it. But maybe it's just me that packs my bags when I have all that space to fill.

Being PVC and Phthalate free, the bag is made of great material that is easy to clean as well. And it comes in four different colors.

Be sure to check out all the wonderful children/baby items that All Modern Baby has to offer. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

**Thanks to All Modern Baby for providing the JJ Cole - Mode Tote Bag for the purpose of developing this review.**


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