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Coming Soon...$200 Paypal Cash Giveaway #falln2cash


I will be partnering with some of fabulous bloggers to bring you an amazing $200 Paypal Cash giveaway! This is open to everyone starting 9/30. 

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EvoraPlus Review + {Rafflecopter Giveaway – Ends 10/12} (CLOSED)

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner listed below!

A person’s smile is one of the first things people notice. Of course we all want a good looking smile. Taking care of our teeth and mouth are very important for that. We all want nice clean, shiny, white teeth and great breath too.

Oragenics’ EvoraPlus is a great natural product that will help your oral health. All those things you were worried about are addressed with EvoraPlus. It whitens teeth and improves breath the natural way and without being so harsh on tooth enamel. Something that helps my teeth and mouth is great, and having a natural product that does this is even better.

Here is a little more about Orgenics and EvoraPlus:
Oragenics EvoraPlus® 
Oral Care And Teeth Whitening Probiotic Product Now More Powerful 
Leading Florida-Based Biopharmaceutical Company Develops The Industry’s First 100% Natural All-In-One Probiotic Mint That Gently Whitens Teeth And Alleviates Bad Breath While Supporting Gum And Tooth Health 
Tampa, FL (June 23) – Florida-based biopharmaceutical leader Oragenics, Inc. (OTCBB: ORNI developed EvoraPlus®, the first-ever all-natural probiotic teeth whitening mint specifically designed for complete oral care, to be more powerful. With Oragenics’ patented probiotic blend, ProBiora3®, EvoraPlus® represents the first time probiotics, which have traditionally been used to support digestive and immune health, have been applied for whitening teeth and eliminating bad breath while promoting gum and tooth health. 
EvoraPlus® naturally whitens teeth (up to three to four shades within the first month). At the sametime, as a result of its proprietary harmful bacteria-fighting science, EvoraPlus® supports optimal gum and tooth health while freshening breath.  
Previously taken twice daily, EvoraPlus® is now more powerful and taken just once a day. The new formula was developed to make EvoraPlus® simpler and easier to use. Packaged in a more eco-friendly box, it is now made more affordable to the consumer. 
Developed by Oragenics Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, D.M.D., Ph.D., EvoraPlus® is based on more than 25 years of research into the creation of Oragenic’s patented probiotic blend, ProBiora3® which began at the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute in Boston and continued at the University of Florida. 
Dental disease is a quiet, yet growing, national epidemic. New studies, including recently-published reports from the Mayo Clinic, confirm that periodontal disease and poor oral health are linked to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other illnesses. American Dental Association studies show that three out of four of Americans are affected by periodontal disease at some point in their lives. 
“People tend to take a simple approach to oral care in our culture,” says Dr. Hillman, who has authored more than 125 publications on subjects related to the etiology and prevention of cavities, periodontal diseases and other infectious diseases and cancer. “We think in terms of killing all of the bacteria that are present in the mouth. But it’s just not that simple; the human mouth contains many different types of bacteria, including some that are helpful to us.” 
The patented ProBiora3® blend of beneficial bacteria used in EvoraPlus® provides a deep impact by helping to maintain the oral flora in a healthy balance using a simple, non-invasive daily routine. When the EvoraPlus® mint melts on the tongue, the freeze-dried probiotics activate and attach themselves to the teeth and gum tissue, establishing colonies of active bacteria both on the surface of the teeth and deep beneath the gum line. 
“There really is no other technology currently available or on the horizon that offers the same benefits that EvoraPlus offers,” says Dr. Hillman. “Completely natural, EvoraPlus is safe and easy to use. It’s a completely natural approach that offers the added benefits of promoting fresh breath and whitening teeth.” Other products, such as mouth rinses, are temporary and topical in their nature. EvoraPlus stays with you the entire day. Importantly, EvoraPlus can work with people who wear braces, dentures, caps or veneers.” 
EvoraPlus® is available through the website and by clicking on the store tab. International consumers can find EvoraPlus® at
About Dr. Hillman
Dr. Jeffrey Hillman founded Oragenics, Inc., to commercialize the fruits of 25 years of research at the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute in Boston and the University of Florida. Currently a professor emeritus at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Dr. Hillman has continued his work at Oragenics on final development of several cutting-edge health technologies. Dr. Hillman has authored or co-authored more than 125 publications and textbook chapters on subjects related to the etiology and prevention of caries (cavities), periodontal (gum) diseases and other infectious diseases and cancer. Dr. Hillman received his undergraduate training at the University of Chicago, his DMD degree from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and his Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School. 
About Oragenics, Inc Oragenics, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in developing unique proprietary technologies, some of which are being commercialized and sold in the over-the-counter consumer healthcare market. The company also has a number of products in discovery, preclinical and clinical development, with a concentration in the main therapeutic area of infectious diseases, diagnostics and oral health. The company is located at 3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 685, Tampa, Florida.

I like the way this product works. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I use it. It’s so simple to take one tablet in the morning. It just dissolves in my mouth. And with a light minty flavor, it’s just like having a breath mint. I like finding things that are practical and I can incorporate into my daily routine, and EvoraPlus is just such a product. I think you’ll find it great for yourself too.

You can buy EvoraPlus right on their website store. Right now if you use the code EPLUS811 you will receive $5 off your order at checkout. (This coupon code is good in the US only and until 10/15/11.) And one of you can win your own box of EvoraPlus to try, just by entering the giveaway in the form below.

*Disclaimer: I received this product to try for this review. All opinions are my own.*

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you have Medicare, you might not be completely covered. You want to make sure that you have the best insurance you can get. Medigap senior insurance will help close the gaps that you have in your Medicare policy. Now you can take advantage of all your benefits. On this site you can get a quote for your insurance today. They have an easy form on their site that you can fill out and hear back from them. And there is more information about insurance if you need to learn more.

And there is a great site for people with special needs, They have information and resources plus lots of great products all in one place. They are aiming to be a one stop shop.

*This post was brought to you by your friends at*

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Kidz Bop Book Series Review + {Rafflecopter Giveaway – Ends 10/10} (CLOSED)

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Kidz Bop

Kidz Bop has held it’s own in the music world. Kidz Bop takes popular music and remakes it with kids and for kids. They have been around for 10 years! They obviously have found a niche. And now they are starting something new, Kidz Bop Books. They have developed a series of books for the same age of kids.

Here is a little more:
KIDZ BOP Hits The Books!

BOSTON, MA (August 1, 2011) — Happy Birthday KIDZ BOP!  The #1 music brand for kids ages 5-12 in the U.S is turning 10 this summer. To celebrate, KIDZ BOP is turning the page, starting a new chapter and launching the first-ever KIDZ BOP books!  KIDZ BOP invites fans and young readers to join the party when three all-new book titles hit shelves this week. Each KIDZ BOP book is packaged with a special code, redeemable for a free KIDZBOP MP3 music download on KIDZ BOP’s most recent album KIDZ BOP 20 (released July 19) just debuted at #2 on the Top 200 Billboard Chart.

The new KIDZ BOP book line lets kids experience the popular music series in a fun new way. Kids can get to know the new KIDZ BOP Kids in the Junior Novel, KIDZ BOP Plus One: get rockin’ insider tips in the KIDZ BOPBe a Pop Star how-to-guide: and create their own super star adventures with the KIDZ BOP Rockin’ Fill-In Story Book. For even more fun, kids can visit — the leading safe social network for kids and tweens — to upload a video entry in the “KIDZ BOP Ultimate Pop Star Look Super Contest” for the chance to win a brand new “Nook e-reader” and an exclusive copy of the brand new KIDZ BOP book How to Be a Pop Star!

Every kid dreams of becoming a rock star!   With the success of shows like American Idol and The Voice, millions of kids want to learn how to sing and perform.  KIDZ BOP understands the important role that music, dance and performance plays in kids’ lives and encourages them to express themselves creatively.

KIDZ BOP: Be a Pop Star! by Kimberly Potts (SRP: $8.99)
Everything kids need to know to make their rock star dreams come true! From writing cool songs and getting a group together to putting on shows and shooting music videos, this is all aspiring rockers need to take the world by storm —just like the KIDZ BOP Kids do!

KIDZ BOP Plus One, by Bethany Bryan (SRP: $4.99)
Join the new KIDZ BOP Kids as they hit the road to find their newest member. When one of the KIDZ BOP Kids twists an ankle while rehearsing for their sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden, they need a replacement —and fast. Each KIDZ BOP Kid has an opinion and sparks fly!

KIDZ BOP: A Rockin’ Fill-In Story, by Bethany Bryan (SRP: $4.99)
Now for the first time, millions of devoted fans can create their own stories starring the most talented young stars in America: The KIDZ BOP Kids. KIDZ BOP fans will love this interactive fill-in-the blanks story in which they jam with all of their fave KIDZ BOP stars!

About the Authors
Kimberly Potts has written for AOL TV, TV Guide,,, US Weekly, Daily Variety, E! Online,,, TWIST, Teen, and Disney publications. She’s also the editor of and the author of five books.

When Bethany Bryan isn’t writing, she’s reading books, hanging out at the pool, or going to the movies. She has previously written books for Rosen Publishing and Scholastic.

KIDZ BOP is the #1 music brand for kids ages 5-12 in the U.S., featuring today’s most popular songs, sung by kids for kids. KIDZ BOP celebrates the authentic voice of kids across the entire brand—through music, videos, live appearances, licensed merchandise and its popular social networking and content sharing website, In 2011, the brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary. KIDZ BOP CD titles have earned one Platinum® and nine Gold® certifications since their debut in 2001. KIDZ BOP’s most recent release, KIDZ BOP20 debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. KIDZ BOP LLC is a division of New York-based independent entertainment company Razor & Tie Entertainment, a vertically-integrated company that encompasses a music company with major label distribution, a home video company, a media buying company, a music publishing business, a direct marketing operation and a growing database of entertainment consumers.

About is the leading safe social network and video sharing site for kids and tweens with one million registered members. The website provides a completely safe and moderated environment where kids can express themselves—as themselves—through unique online applications and proprietary functionality. The site’s popular “My Channel” feature lets members safely communicate with friends via our Safe Text Messaging System, which averages more than one million status updates per month. Kids can also safely produce their own Webshows, create and run their own video “Super Contests,” upload and share videos and photos, and make music. To date,KIDZ BOP’s team of expert moderators have screened more than 23,000 hours of video content and nearly half a million photos before publishing them to

About Adams Media
For more than twenty years, Adams Media, a division of F+W Media, has built its reputation on providing practical and meaningful content that purposefully inspires, informs, and impacts the lives of its readers. And today more than ever, Adams Media is packaging that content in accessible and innovatively designed formats, from authors who are recognized experts in their fields—all while offering a value for its consumers. In 2003, Adams Media was purchased by F+W Media, one of the largest special interest publishers in the world. With the strength of this pairing, Adams Media continues to further its vision of publishing "difference-making" books that meet the diverse needs of today’s reader. For more information, please visit

Kidz Bop 2

The new Kidz Bop Book series is great. My 5 year old is a little too young to appreciate them yet, but I think they are perfect for tweens. I am saving the books to give to my 11 year old cousin for Christmas. I think they will be right up her alley.

If you’re interested in checking out the new Kidz Bop Books you can find them in stores and online too. And I have a set I can giveaway here. Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

*Disclaimer: I received these books for my review. All opinions are my own.*

Wet Ones Review

School has started, and those little kids will start passing their grimy germs around quickly. That’s why Wet Ones is here to help. With their canister of wipes, travel pack, and individually wrapped single wipes you’ll be all set to stay germ free for cold and flu season!

My son is in Kindergarten this year, and I’m already wondering what germs he’ll be bringing home with him. But I know that his teacher is very careful to keep her classroom clean and germ-free too. We had Wet Ones and hand sanitizer on our supply list this year. They use them a lot, because it’s a quick easy way to clean kids hands and keep them healthier when there isn’t a sink and soap handy all the time.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are great to keep on hand when you can’t get to a sink and soap. I keep them in my house and in each vehicle. They are great to have when we’re on the go. They are effective in killing 99.99% of germs and clean hands wonderfully. The best way to prevent colds and the spread of germs is keeping hands clean, and that’s what Wet Ones are perfect for.

You can find Wet Ones in two fragrances- Citrus Scent and Fresh. And they come in 3 convenient forms- 40 count canister, which is designed to fit into a standard car cup holder, 15 count travel pack, and 24 count box of individually wrapped single wipes. They are gentle on skin, because they are hypoallergenic and enriched with skin conditioning aloe. And for even bigger messes, you can get Wet Ones Big Ones wipes. They are antibacterial and available in the same scents. They come in a 35 count re-sealable pouch and are 50 percent bigger than regular Wet Ones wipes.

Dr. Sears’ Back-To-School Health Tips
With the new school season approaching, many moms are thinking about their children's health as they return to the classroom. To keep kids in top shape this new school year, William Sears, M.D., renowned pediatrician and author of more than 40 books on childcare, offers six simple tips parents can follow to keep their kids healthy, from brain to body.

1. Begin the Day with a Brainy Breakfast Above all other organs, the brain is most affected – for better or worse – by what kids eat. Studies have shown that children who begin the day with a “brainy breakfast” receive higher grades, participate more in class, are less likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) or learning disabilities, handle complex learning tasks better and miss fewer school days because of illness. A “brainy breakfast” should include:
     - Protein, which perks up the brain
     - Fiber-filled carbs, which provide a steady supply of fuel
     - Omega-3 fats, which build smart brain cells
     - Minerals, such as calcium and iron, which help the brain function better

2. Keep Hands Clean The first and easiest line of defense against the spread of germs is washing hands often. However, when soap and water are not available, keep germs at bay by placing Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes around the house, in lunchboxes and in coat and jean pockets. Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are proven to be just as effective as gel hand sanitizer in killing 99.99 percent of germs, but they also clean away dirt and messes and won’t dry out skin like alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Show children how to use hand wipes and tell them they help keep germs from getting into the body and making them sick. The frequent use of antibacterial hand wipes, especially during flu season, may even help them do better in school. According to an American Journal of Infection Control study, elementary school students who do not use proper hand hygiene will miss more school than those with good hand-washing habits.

3. Feed Your Child Immune-Boosting Foods The best way to boost the immune system is to eat more immune-boosting foods like fruits, vegetables, seafood and yogurt. Children and families who regularly consume immune-boosting foods are sick less often, especially during those back-to-school months and the winter flu season.

Top immune-boosting foods include:
* Apples   *Apricots   *Bell Peppers   *Blueberries   *Bok Choy   *Broccoli   *Carrots   *Chili Peppers   *Guava   *Legumes (beans, peas, lentils)   *Mango   *Melons   *Nuts   *Olive Oil   *Onion   *Prunes   *Salmon (wild)   *Spices (turmeric, cinnamon)   *Spinach   *Squash   *Strawberries   *Sweet potatoes   *Flax Oil   *Flax Seeds (ground)   *Grapefruit (pink)   *Grapes (red, purple)   *Oranges   *Papaya   *Pomegranate (and pomegranate juice)   *Tomatoes   *Vinegar

4. Avoid Too Many Sweets Equally as important as eating immune-boosting foods is reducing sugar intake. Eating or drinking 8 teaspoons of sugar (the equivalent of 2 1/2, 12-ounce cans of soda) can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40 percent. The immune-suppressing effects of sugar start less than 30 minutes after ingestion and may last for five hours—close to a full school day for students.

5. Keep Little Noses and Sinuses Clear School-passed germs usually settle first in the nose and sinuses, so it’s important to keep nasal passages clear with either a “nose hose” or a “steam clean.” At the first sign of a stuffy nose, flush your child’s nose out with a saltwater (saline) solution (1/2 teaspoon of salt to 8 ounces of water), which is available at local pharmacies or supermarkets. Spritz a few drops of the solution into clogged nasal passages and sneeze or gently suction out the loosened secretions using a nasal aspirator. Using a Neti Pot is also a good way to flush out the nose. Savor a “steam-clean” by using either a facial steamer or vaporizer to loosen those snotty nasal and sinus secretions.

6. Keep Your Children Active Movement mobilizes the immune system. Kids who sit too much – especially indoors – get sick more often. Movement also mellows the mood, as stress depresses the immune system. Encourage children to actively participate in recess and extracurricular, outdoor activities to keep their immune systems strong.

For more information on hand hygiene and Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, visit the Wet Ones Healthy Hands Zone page at


I received the set of Wet Ones you see above- canister, travel pack, and single pack wipes. The canister is great to have sitting around. When my son was a baby, I kept one in his room on (or near) the changing table. Sometimes there was a bad mess and I need a quick clean before I got to the bathroom to wash. I also like having a canister in each vehicle. They are great for quick clean up after spending an afternoon at the playground. The travel Wet Ones can go right into your purse or diaper bag for any on-the-go cleaning you might need. And the singles are wonderful for putting in your pocket or purse, backpack and more.

I like the strength of the Wet Ones wipes. You can easily wipe adult and child-size hands. And they clean and get rid of germs at the same time. I like using them to keep my family healthier. We follow many of the tips in the article above to keep from spreading germs and keep us well during cold and flu season.

You can get Wet Ones in stores everywhere and online too. Be sure to visit their website for more information-

*Disclaimer: I received product from Wet Ones for this review. All opinions are my own.*

Battery Heads

With all the electronics that we use in our gadgets, it’s hard to keep up with batteries. We use them in our cameras, laptops, e-readers, cell phones, remotes, and so many more things. It’s crazy, really, how much we depend on our batteries. And you don’t want to be caught at any time with a dead battery or without your chargers. For me it’s easiest to forget them when I’m on the go.

There is no need to search forever to find batteries now. You can get everything from a Samsung battery to laptop batteries of all kinds. They also carry a Samsung battery charger, which is handy to recharge your samsung camera battery while you’re on the go. You can find these things and much more at

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Dinosaur Train Lift the Flap Book Review

dinosaur train

Kids these days are obsessed with dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are no longer just the thing for boys either. I know so many girls who are in love with them just the same. They are fascinating creatures that have so many things to teach us. There are many great dinosaur related shows for young children on television, but by far my favorite is “Dinosaur Train” on PBS.

This article is a little dated (summertime is definitely over here), but I still think the information is fun to share. And here is a little more about Dinosaur Train too:

Did You Know That July Is National Recreation and Parks Month?

Summertime is here and what better way to spend the summer with family and friends than on an adventure to visit one of our national parks and/or recreation destinations.  July is Park and Recreation Month in the U.S., and the theme for this year’s celebration is “Rock Your Park.”   The National Park and Recreation Association wants you to show the country how parks and recreation make your life extraordinary! Whether it is visiting your local park, a playground, swimming pool, or taking a family trip to one of our national park treasures, celebrate our country’s love of the great outdoors this month!  Visit the organization’s website to find out ways to get involved:
You can also turn your visit to the local park into a game by participating in the Dinosaur Train Geocache Challenge.  Geocaching is a family friendly outdoor adventure that blends technology, gaming and environmental discovery. Each geocache features one of the dinosaurs found on the online Dinosaur Train Field Guide and contains educational information related to that dinosaur.  So, perhaps pick your local park as a destination to hide your own Dinosaur Train container. To participate in the Dinosaur Train Geocache, visit
Buddy and his friends on the Dinosaur Train are always up for an adventure and exploring the world around them.  Why not take them along on your adventure to the park or camping or on a family road trip with all-new fun and easy travel product for camping/outdoors, new games and fun to read books to pack on your adventure!
·      New book from Reader’s Digest: Dinosaur Train Lift the Flap “Let’s Go To Volcano Valley” (SRP: $9.99). Ages 2+.
·      New Dinosaur Train product for camping adventures Pacific Play tents (available in October) includes: the Dinosaur Train Station House Tent (SRP: $89.90); Dinosaur Train Dino Bones Dome Tent ($59.90); Dinosaur Train Dino Bones Tunnel ($59.90).  Ages 3+.
·      New Dinosaur Train soft sporting fun from Kelly Toy: Play All Ball (SRP: $1.99), Bat + Ball (SRP: $9.99), Golf (SRP: $14.99), Football (SRP: $6.99), Baseball Mitt set (SRP: $7.99) and more. Ages 3+.
·      New Dinosaur Train 3-Wheel Scooter in colorful buddy and friends graphics, from VM Global. SRP$24.99. Ages 3+.
·      New Dinosaur Train game from Patch Products: “Take “N” Play Anywhere™[/font] Let’s Go for a Ride! Magnetic Playset. SRP: $14.99.  Ages 3+

And, Buddy will also be spending time in the great outdoors in July. Tune in on July 4th to Dinosaur Train on PBS KIDS (check local listings) in the adventurous episode “Buddy the Tracker.” In the episode, Buddy and Don are “footprint detectives” as they track and find creatures they know at the Big Pond. The plot thickens when they discover fossilized tracks that are millions of years old!

Although the summer vacation comes to an end in August, fun with Dinosaur Train continues!  Get ready for an all-new season of Dinosaur Train this August with “Dinosaur Big City” on PBS Kids premieres August 22 and the DVD release of Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City on August 23 (SRP: $14.99).

From the world-renowned Jim Henson Company, Dinosaur Train is seen in over 13 million households every month* and embraces and celebrates preschoolers’ fascination with both dinosaurs and trains. The series encourages scientific thinking and other skills as it teaches viewers about natural science, natural history and paleontology.
* Nielsen NPower, monthly NTI cume audience average, September 2010 – December 2010

Dinosaur Train flap book

We had the chance to check out the new Dinosaur Train book “Let’s Go to Volcano Valley. All your dino-friends are going on the Dinosaur Train to Volcano Valley. Buddy, the T-rex and his adoptive Pteranodon family are with him. They will find many things on their stops at the Trisassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous stations. This is great for preschools and young kids. There are 40 fun flaps to lift and learn more in this book. You can explore with Buddy too!

My son has always been a big fan of flip books. The first thing he did when he got this book was go through page by page and flip up each and every thing to see what was underneath. Then we read it together. It’s a fun story and perfect for little Dinosaur Train lovers.

You can buy the Dinosaur Train book “Let’s Go to Volcano Valley book at bookstores and online. You can get more information about the Jim Henson Company on Facebook and Twitter. Or have a little more fun with your children on the PBS Kids site- And you can find PBS Kids on Facebook and Twitter as well. And get lots of great things for parents too-

*Disclaimer: I received this book for review. All opinions are my own.*

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smiley Cookies Review

Smiley Cookie 1

Does a cookie make you smile? What if your cookie smiled at you? Then they are irresistible! Have you ever had a Smiley Cookie? And I don’t mean any old smiley cookie, I mean THE Smiley Cookie. If you’ve ever eaten at Eat ‘N Park, then maybe you have. If you haven’t eaten there, never fear, you can purchase the infamous Smiley Cookies online now!

Smiley Cookie 2

We have never had Smiley Cookies before. When our package of Stars and Smiles Gift Basket - Star and Original Smiley Gourmet Sugar Cookies arrived, we were excited. These cookies are large, as big as your hand large. They are completely covered in frosting on the front from edge to edge. And they come in fun, bright colors and shapes. To top it off each cookie comes complete with a smile.

The Smiley Cookies don’t just look good. They are so yummy! (Yes, yummy is a technical term.) These big cookies are soft and have a perfect sugar cookie taste. The icing on top is thin, sweet, and also very good. I stuck one of our 2 boxes in the freezer, because the cookies are so large. I didn’t think we’d be able to eat 2 dozen before they started to dry out. Well, we didn’t let the 1st dozen go to waste, that’s for sure. They only lasted a few days in my house. My whole family gobbled these up. Then I pulled out the other box the next week. (They didn’t last long either.)

I now have a love for these delicious cookies. Not only are the Smiley Cookies great, but they are peanut free cookies (which is great for families with allergies). They also have custom cookies and holiday cookies. Right now is a great time to try Smiley Cookies with all of their cool Halloween designs.

Smiley Cookie 3

Go try some Smiley Cookies for yourself today. They are available from And if you join their mailing list or follow them on Facebook or Twitter, they run great specials and offers. I love how interactive they are on Facebook. It’s refreshing to get wonderful service from a fun place. Don’t delay, go order your cookies now. And now you can get 20% off all Halloween cookies by using the code: SPOOKY20.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for my review. All opinions are my own.*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fiber One 80 Calorie Cereal Review + {Rafflecopter Giveaway – Ends 9/26} (CLOSED)

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner posted below.
Fiber One 80

Is it hard for you to find a healthy, low-calorie, tasty breakfast cereal? Look no further. Now there is a great Fiber One 80 Calorie Cereal. I found all of these things to be true in this new cereal. It is one that my family enjoys.

The wait is over - brand new Fiber One 80 Calories cereal is on store shelves now! Each crunchy wheat and corn puff square in every bowl of Fiber One 80 Calories cereal has a light honey flavor – a delicious way to start your day. Fiber helps satisfy your hunger and helps you feel full, making it a great tool to help manage your weight.
  • With 40 percent of the Daily Value of fiber in one 80 calorie serving, Fiber One 80 Calories cereal can help curb your hunger, which can help you stick to your weight loss plan.
  • With great-tasting Fiber One 80 Calories cereal, there is a new breakfast option that helps you feel satisfied without sacrificing flavor!

Fiber One 80 giveaway

We received a Fiber One 80 Calorie Cereal prize pack. That included a box of Fiber One 80 Calories Cereal, 1 sensor pedometer with USB connector to chart walking progress, and 1 neoprene iPod/smartphone holder with armstrap. All of these are things to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. The cereal is crunchy and sweet. I like the little taste of sweet with a wholesome cereal like this. It’s filling and made a great breakfast for me. My son really like it as well. Our favorite way to eat it was with sliced bananas on top. Tasty!

Is this making you hungry for breakfast? You can find the new Fiber One 80 Calorie Cereal in your local grocery store now. And you can visit for more information on healthy living, plus you’ll find coupons for new products. And you can connect with Fiber One on Facebook too.
And one of you can win a prize pack just like I got. It’s pictured above. This one closes quickly, so don’t delay!!

*Disclosure: Fiber One 80 Calories cereal, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.*

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Cheery: The true adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard Frog Book Review + {Rafflecopter Giveaway – Ends 10/6} (CLOSED)

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I have found some great new books from a fun, entertaining kids’ books publisher, Five Star Publications. They have books for all ages. Reading is so important and having fun books makes it even easier for kids to learn. With books like Rattlesnake Rules, Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo, Cheery: The true adventure of a Chiricahau Leopard Frog, Shakespeare for Children: The Story of Romeo and Juliet, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War, The Student From Zombie Island. Fun, educational, and great reading will keep kids coming back for more.

Here is a little more about those particular books:
Rattlesnake Rules: Conrad demystifies the world of rattlesnakes and introduces children to such topics as who, when, and what rattlesnakes eat. He shows readers why rattlesnakes have rattles and what it means if you hear one. You will learn how the snakes’ forked tongues help them survive. The delightful and colorful illustrations of Nathaniel P. Jensen help bring the story alive. More info:
Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo - Famous Sheriff John Slaughter’s young daughter, Addie, bravely travels from Texas to the Arizona-Mexico border, settling on the 1800s Slaughter Ranch. Along the way, her mother dies; she narrowly escapes a stagecoach robbery and murder; an earthquake destroys the ranch; her father's earlobe is shot off; and she meets Geronimo. More info:
Cheery: The true adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard Frog
More info: Cheery is a Chiricahua Leopard Frog. He starts as an egg in a pond, turns into a tadpole, and then into a frog. Dr. Elizabeth W. Davidson explains why Leopard Frogs and other amphibians might become extinct.Cheery: How a Lonely Frog Finds Friends tells children what can be done to save the frogs. More info:
Shakespeare for Children: The Story of Romeo and Juliet - Highly condensed, fully illustrated version of the world's greatest and most tragic love story. Author supplies thought-provoking discussion questions that allows you to explore this tale from any age or perspective. Use the same discussion questions to help you explore the other plays from a similar perspective. More info:
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: Luke and his sister Jenny aren't overly excited when they first learn of their mother's plan to take them to Tombstone, Arizona, as part of their vacation. That changes in a hurry when they are suddenly swept back to the 1880s and the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral. The ghost of the Grand Hotel's handyman, a kindly gentleman by the name of Swamper, guides them through the events of that fateful time. Young readers are right there with Luke and Jenny as they learn firsthand the story of the Earp brothers and what led to the historic shootout. More info:
Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War: As Luke and his sister Jenny resume their summer vacation their mother plans a stop at the historic town of Lincoln, New Mexico. But when a thunderstorm begins to brew, Luke and Jenny realize things aren't what they seem. Suddenly they are swept back in time and find themselves face-to-face with the notorious Billy the Kid. The ghost of Paul, a young buffalo soldier who lived over a century ago, guides them on their journey as they experience the life and times of this mysterious young outlaw. Will Billy the Kid live up to his legend? More info:
The Student From Zombie Island By Michael J. Moorehead
This captivatingly illustrated story takes you on a whirlwind trip through the rumor mill. A new kid is coming to school. Known only as Bust 'em Up Bill, it's not long before the other students have made up their minds what he must be like. Rumors based on fear begin flying around the school! With a nickname like Bust 'em Up Bill, he must have flaming red hair, yellow fangs, the claws of a dragon, and breath that can singe your hair! As the story progresses, the rumors grow wilder and wilder until (gulp!) Bust 'em Up Bill shows up at school. More info:

Studies show that kids who read at home with their parents are better readers. Sure your kid learns to read at school, but they learn so much more at home. The more that you read and read to them, the better start they will have. As a teacher I know how important it is to read, read, read.

We received the Cheery: The True Adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard Frog book to read. My son really enjoyed reading this together. The pictures are fun and informative. We learned about about Cheery, a rare frog, how he lives and what his life is like as an endangered frog.

I hope that you enjoy reading with your kids as much as I do. Books are a big part of our life. There are so many great ones out there, like Cheery: The True Adventures of a Chiricachua Leopard Frog, that I know you’ll find something your kids love.

One of you can win Cheery or one of the other titles listed above. All you have to do is enter in the simple Rafflecopter entry form below.

*Disclaimer: I received a book in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.*

The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD Review

The Garfield Show Spooky Tails
One of my son’s favorite television shows is The Garfield Show on Cartoon Network. I like that he likes it too. It’s not as silly as some of the little kid shows, I can only handle so much Yo Gabba Gabba or Backyardigans. Plus I remember the Garfield and Friends show from my childhood. I had an interest in Garfield comic books too. So my son’s interest in Garfield is pretty fun for me.

The new Garfield has a great DVD out just in time for Halloween called The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails. Garfield and Odie get into all kinds of scary messes this time.  Catzilla and a mind-reading helmet have a little to do with that. You’ll have to check out this DVD to see what fun they have.

The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD Synopsis Follow the witty and silly duo as they run into spooky trouble again! It’s all fun and games for Garfield and Odie as they take a fun-filled trip on Halloween until Garfield is mistaken by a loose wild cat!  Includes other out-of-this-world adventures! 

We enjoyed The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD! It’s great fun for this time of year especially. Garfield is as funny as ever with his smart remarks and snarky attitude. This is something that my son and I enjoy together.

The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD has these episodes: “Orange and Black,” “The Robot,” “It’s a Cat World,” “Time Master,” “Virtualodeon,” “Mastermind”. You can also view the bonus Garfield Shorts included. The Garfield Show: Spooky Tails DVD is available in stores and online now.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD for review. All opinions are my own.*

Monday, September 19, 2011

Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray book Review + {Giveaway with Rafflecopter – Ends 9/26} (CLOSED)

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After reading Stephanie Dray’s last novel “Lily of the Nile” I was anxious to read her newest “Song of the Nile. I have to admit that I haven’t finished the book yet, but it sucked me in right away. The story picks up with the same characters where the last book left off. In fact I figured she would fast-forward a bit, but I feel like I haven’t missed a thing with Cleopatra Selene in this book.

Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray is about the famed Cleopatra’s daughter, Selene. Dray with her wondrous imagination creates a story for Selene that the history books leave out. It’s easy to imagine that this is what really happened, because this book makes it so real. There  is little known about Selene, so Dray fills the gaps. She uses facts about history, stories told, and a great deal of creativity. Where the “Lily of the Nile” book picks up when Cleopatra meets her demise and her children are forced move on without her, this story continues that. At the end of the last book Cleopatra Selene is about to be wed. In Song of the Nile we see Selene’s wedding and the happenings in her life from there.

I really enjoyed this new book. I think Stephanie Dray has something going here. I look at this era in time in a whole new light now. Even with a fictional book there are so many elements that are true to the times. I recommend that you go learn more about Stephanie and her books at You can follow her with her newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter too. And be sure to check out Song of the Nile as it’s released next month, available through Better yet, enter below for your chance to win a copy of Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray before it’s even released.

*Disclaimer: I received an ebook copy for my review. All opinions are my own.*

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boy Scouts of America

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boy Scouts of America for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


I have not participated in a Boy Scouts of America meeting. My son is not quite old enough, but when he is we might see if he's interesting in scouting. I have a friend, however, who has had her son in Boy Scouts for years now. Her husband and she both help with his troop. They have always liked the friendships they and their son has made through scouting. He enjoys the fun activities and things that he learns in meetings.

It's back to school time, which usually signals Boy Scouts starting back up and recruiting new members. All of the kids are in the same boat with new teachers, new schedules, homework and more. Scouting can round of a boy's education, help him make friends, and build his confidence and comfort level with other students. Boy scouts can give him education and experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

Scouting is helping to combat childhood obesity by keeping kids active and teaching them proper nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

They are also adding technology into the traditional lessons you would expect from Boy Scouts. Technology is part of our present and future. They have a new curriculum with emphasis on STEM- science, technology, engineering, and math. The new Robotics merit badge has been added to the 31 STEM related merit badges. All of these new programs are keeping Scouts relevant in modern times.

Best of all the Boy Scouts of America are about family. Scouts embrace family and participate in activities that everyone can get involved in. They will learn wholesome values and beliefs to help build a strong family relationship. Scouting has a little bit to offer everyone. Advertisement For more information, you can learn to Be A Scout.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dole Fruit Crisp Review + {Giveaway with Rafflecopter – Ends 10/2} (CLOSED)

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Dole Peach Crisp

When I first heard about Dole Fruit Crisp, I was a little nervous about how good they would really taste. I like Dole fruit and have tried different products they carry. Everything I have tried has been great. I don’t know why I doubted this would be any different. Maybe because it was such a unique product. The new Dole Fruit Crisp did not disappoint. It was so yummy!

We got to try all three varieties of the Dole Fruit Crisps. Picture here is the Apple Cinnamon variety, but they also have Apple Pear and Peach. Each package comes with two fruit bowls. On the bottom is the fruit pieces and above is a crumble oatmeal topping. You just pop the top off, and peal the lid off both sides. Then just add the topping to the fruit, eat and enjoy. If you prefer, you can heat the bottom part in the microwave for a warm treat too.

I liked heating up the Apple Cinnamon. It was just like apple crisp. A quick, easy dessert that I just have to pull out of the pantry. Plus I don’t have to do the dishes! (And if you know me, you know that’s a good great thing.) My personal favorite was the Peach Crisp, I just really like peaches. My son loved all of these, and I had to make sure that he left me a few to try! He enjoyed them all. What’s not to love? You have fruit and dessert together here.


This is a great product to keep on hand for a quick weeknight dessert. Or maybe you have unexpected company and nothing to serve. Just grab these out of the pantry, heat if you want, then serve. Your guests will enjoy it and so will your family.

You can find Dole Fruit Crisp in your local grocery store. They are also available on This will make a great afternoon snack for your family! Don’t miss out on the giveaway either. They are graciously offering 1 winner 5 coupons for FREE Dole Fruit Crisps. You can enter in the Rafflecopter form below.


*Disclaimer: I received this product to try for my review. All opinions are my own.*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Preschool Fun DVD Review + {Giveaway with Rafflecopter – Ends 9/28} (CLOSED)

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preschool fun

It’s time for back to school. You can send your children off with the favorite preschool friends. They will find all of their favorite characters in one place on the Preschool Fun DVD from HIT Entertainment.

Program Description
Class is back in session with all your favorite friends in Preschool Fun, arriving on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand July 5, 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Making the grade in this all-new collection of eight episodes are Barney, Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper, Roary the Racing Car and Timmy Time. They’re ready to teach lessons in friendship, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, sharing and more – and they have a blast doing it! Best of all, no homework!

DVD Synopsis
“A” is for adventure with your favorite preschool friends! Jump on the learning track because Thomas, Barney, and all of their friends are waiting for you to join in the excitement. Create a dance-tastic school poster with Angelina Ballerina and then build a pirate ship with Bob the Builder. Don’t forget your rescue hat because Fireman Sam needs help saving the school bus. With these fun-filled adventures, discover that playtime can be learning time for the whole family!

DVD Episodes
*Barney - “Days of the Week”
*Thomas & Friends - “Best Friends”
*Fireman Sam - “Sheep On the Road”
*Bob the Builder - “Scratch’s Star Turn”
*Angelina Ballerina - “Angelina and the Poster”
*Kipper - “Pig’s Sweater”
*Roary the Racing Car - “Roary Goes Back to School”
*Timmy Time - “Timmy’s Jigsaw”

Zachariah loves these compilation DVDs with all his favorite characters. It’s fun when you get one themed episode of each character. And this time it’s all related to school, which my son started this year. So get your kids into gear and celebrate back to school with this DVD.

The Preschool Fun DVD is made for children ages 1-5 years old, and it runs about 66 minutes long. You can find this DVD in stores and online as well. Plus, I have a copy to giveaway. Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD for review. All opinions are my own.*

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tracfone September

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

TracFone is a great option for families who want to stay in touch. They carry the cheapest and easiest cell phone plan in America. You can have a low cost plan with no contracts, no credit check and no activation or cancelation fees either.

There are lots of phones available. So many features are on these phones too! Real TracFone customers show you what they think of using their own TracFone. You can even see this person's review of the Samsung T130 phone:



You will get great nationwide coverage with a TracFone. You can easily pay as you go with their cards available in stores or pay online. They also have a 1 year service card that you can get double minutes on for the life of your phone. Right now you can get 800 minutes for only $119.00. What a great deal.

I think TracFone is a great option for families and kids. With your choices in great phones, and a great way to keep in touch with your kid, this is a great option. You won't have to worry about where there are when they are only a simple phone call away. Go check out stores near you to see what is available.

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Heelys Review


! I’ve seen them, heard about them, but never tried them. Heelys aren’t just for kids. Their sizes go from kid all the way to adult. I can get Heelys for myself. (I would, but I was afraid I’d break an ankle. And that would be very bad!)

Heelys are the original skating shoe. There are other knock-off brands, but Heelys are the real thing. They are made with regular sneakers that have a place to insert wheels. You can use them for regular walking when needed, and when you want to have fun just pop the wheels in place to go go go!

Like I said above, I was afraid I’d hurt myself with Heelys. (They do have some that are cute for women though.) Instead I ordered a pair for my son.

First you must know that my son is a bit reserved. He tends to be pretty cautious and not always like to try new things. He will barely get on his bicycle (with training wheels). He has a scooter, but he wants head to toe protection before he uses it. And when he does, he’s very careful and gentle with it.

I’ve been trying to find more ways for him to try things like this over the summer. I know once he realizes how much fun they are, he’ll be fine. It just takes him a while to get used to some things. So we got him the Heelys and gave them a try.

Here are the different types of Heelys available and a little about them:

HEELYS: MSRP: $47 and up
Heelys wheeled footwear allows the user to seamlessly transition from walking or running to rolling by simply shifting weight to the heel. Users can also transform Heelys wheeled footwear into street shoes by removing the wheel and replacing the heel cavities (adaptors) with heel plugs. Heelys wheeled footwear provides users with a unique combination of fun and style that differentiates it from other footwear and wheeled sports products. Heelysare sold in sporting goods and specialty stores nationwide and in more than 70 countries around the world. An instructional video on how to get started can be found at

HEELYS Hx2 – MSRP: $60
Heelys Hx2 has two removable wheels in each shoe, making it ideal for younger wearers. Not only is it easier to maintain balance, but also wearers of the Hx2 do not require as much leg strength to lift up their toes to skate. As they get the hang of skating, though, the Hx2 can be converted into a regular pair of Heelys for a more challenging ride simply by removing one of the wheels. Pop out both wheels and the Hx2 becomes a regular street shoe. To view the Hx2 2010 holiday commercial, go to:

The all new Nano was designed in house at Heelys and works by simply removing the wheel from one of the skate shoes and snapping the patented wheel bracket into the Sole-LinkT, like a ski or snowboard binding. For use on a single foot, the innovative board thrills the user with the same sensations and freedoms felt while slalom skiing and wakeboarding. The Nano lets skaters move farther, faster and longer than ever before. To view the Nano 2010 holiday commercial, go to:

Log on to for products, videos and how-to guides. Follow Heelys on Facebook -, Twitter - and YouTube -

Heelys, Inc. is a company founded on innovation. It designs, markets and distributes its action sports-oriented products to the youth market under the Heelys® brand. The company's primary product, Heelys wheeled footwear, is a patented dual-purpose skate shoe that incorporates a stealth removable wheel in the heel. Its new product, Heelys Hx2, uses two wheels for better balance and control, making it ideal for younger users. Heelys' third offering, Nano, ramps up the Heelys experience by giving skaters a board that links into the patented Heelysshoe bracket. This allows them to skate farther, faster and longer than ever before. Instructional videos on how to get started can be found at


There’s my little guy, Zachariah, in his new HX2 Stingray Heelys. They carry them in his size, so that was part of my deciding which ones to get. Plus these have velcro straps for my 5 year old to easier get them on and off. The shoes themselves (sans wheels) are very sturdy and well-made. My son wants to wear them around on their own, simply because he loves the shoes. I think that proves that the style of the shoes is boy-approved. He had a hard time standing up and making the shoes “go”, but this was his first time on any sort of skate. The double wheels in these shoes are better for younger kids or people learning to skate. They do provide a little more stability.

I was impressed with the HX2 Heelys. I think it’s great that they carry a wide selection of shoes and sizes. You can get your whole family Heelys and have a fun evening rolling around your neighborhood. These shoes will last quite a while, and that’s great for a piece of athletic equipment. And when you don’t want the wheels in, you can easily pop them out and use the covers to use the shoes like normal. This makes them very versatile to take anywhere. You don’t even have to worry about changing shoes! I love that feature!

HeelysYou can get these Heelys and more at There are videos about the shoes and how to use them at I’m sure when you give your kids a pair of Heelys, they won’t have too many problems figuring them out. It’s use “old” people that need the tips! What a great way to get in shape. Go pick out your favorite pair of Heelys now.

*Disclosure: I received a pair of these shoes from Heelys through All opinions are my own.*

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies Recipe

When the weather starts to change to fall-like conditions, the first thing I think about is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are the most delicious cookies. They are easy to make, moist, soft, chewy, sweet, and perfect for fall.

I have made these cookies for years. I am going to repost an entry from my old blog that tells about them. Over the years I have made a few minor changes, though. I’ve included my new notes in {}.

I usually press the cookies down a bit with the bottom of a glass to make them a little flatter/rounder. I always make the icing to top them. It just gives them an extra yum factor. And I rarely use sprinkles on them anymore. They are great without. But the sprinkles are fun for kids, so maybe make some with and some without.

OK, who can resist that yummy goodness? I have made these cookies 3 times this month alone. I always crave them in the fall. Well, at least since I was pregnant anyway. {Who was I kidding, I crave these EVERY fall, pregnant or not!}


Pumpkin Cookies

1 cup sugar
1 cup pumpkin
½ cup shortening
1 Tbs. grated orange peel (optional)
2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. cinnamon ¼ tsp. salt ½ cup nuts (opt) &/or ½ cup milk chocolate chips or ½ cup raisins (I always use Milk Chocolate chips & sometimes nuts)

Mix in order & bake at 375 8-10 minutes. Cool. Glaze.

¼ cup butter
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1-2 Tbs. milk

Melt butter till brown. Add other ingredients. Frost cookies.

Makes about 4 dozen cookies.


Now that is my mom's recipe. Here's what I do differently. #1 always double the recipe. Then it uses the whole can of pumpkin instead of half (a small can). #2 And I like it better with 1/2 cup of extra flour. My mom's tend to stay rounder, but mine flatten out a bit so they're more like cookies. #3 Forget the nuts and raisins, go with my mom's suggestion and always use milk chocolate chips. Yum! #4 Also don't bother with the orange zest, unless you already have some on hand. #5 These are still good without the glaze, but the glaze makes them lots better.

So run right out to the store. Go now, why are you waiting? Get the ingredients and make them. RIGHT. NOW! GO!

For your enjoyment, a few more pictures of these yummy delights.

Stay tuned for my mom's amazing caramel apple dip.

I hope that you enjoyed this recipe from the past. I know I spoke of another recipe, so if you need those too let me know and I'll post them.

Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues DVD Review + {Giveaway with Rafflecopter – Ends 9/22} (CLOSED)

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Fireman Sam Brave New Rescues

Our brave hero is back in action. You’ll love the newest Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues DVD. You’re kids will enjoy the adventure and action when the very brave Fireman Sam helps people in need.

Program Description
Fireman Sam is ready as ever to save the day in all-new Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand July 5, 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. With a level head, a courageous nature and a compassionate heart, Sam is a role model for kids of all ages, teaching lessons in safety, loyalty, leadership, cooperation and friendship. Whether showing the community the importance of honesty, setting sail on the sea, organizing a surprise party or hosting a fire station open house. Fireman Sam and the folds of Pontypandy welcome you to join in the fun!

DVD Synopsis
Fireman Sam is back for more heroic adventures in fire safety! Fireman Sam and his friends in Pontypandy work together to save the day when Mike’s kitchen catches fire, Dilys gets stuck out at sea and Norman cries wolf…literally! Come along with the hero next door and his brave brigade for some courageous adventures and daring new rescues the whole family will enjoy!

Episodes include:
* “Cry Wolf”
* “Blow Me Down”
* “Dilys’ Big Surprise”
* “Model Plane”
* “Open Day”
* “Mike’s Rocket”

We always enjoy the Fireman Sam videos. You never know what stunts Norman might pull. And there are always animals to be rescued and fires to be put out. Most kids are fascinated by firefighters, and we like that Fireman Sam is a great role model. I think your kids will like this new DVD, especially if they are already fans. If not, this is a great way to introduce them to him.

The Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues DVD is for children ages 2-5 years old. The DVD runs about 55 minutes long. You can find Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues in stores and online as well. And I have one copy to giveaway to you lucky readers. Please enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD to review. All opinions are my own.*