Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kidwinks DVD Review

Kidwinks is a new DVD series that sets out to "stimulate children's speech and language skill and growth". Developed by specialist (a speech pathologist, a music therapist, and an art therapist) Kidwinks is an interested program specifically for young children.

My 3 year old son was instantly entranced by the video we previewed, Kidwinks Play. I'm not even sure what it was about the video that caught his attention so quickly. I found it a little redundant and thought he'd be bored with it. (Of course it's supposed to be this way, but I was surprised my son liked it nonetheless.) He was watching contently and saying the words along with it.

Kidwinks is made for young children and children with speech delays. I love that there is something like this out there for kids like this. I am very passionate about helping children to learn to speak, read, write, etc. This video is made just for that. I'm very happy that there is something for children with speech delays as well.

This video is to the point for young kids. They specifically slow it down to make it easy for children to understand. The dialogue is direct and precise. They repeat many words and phrases over and over. Then they use sign language to teach certain words, i.e. ball. It is also very engaging and interactive with children. My son quickly picked up the sign language words that they used. Well, to be honest he used half of them about 2 years ago, but he stopped using them when he started talking. It was a good refresher and a good learning experience for him.

From the press release:
"The live-action Kidwinks series is designed to stimulate children's interest and increase their awareness of words and language by teaching through short phrases, repetition, sign language, music and simple movements. Kidwinks is also effective for children with linguistic difficulties and those learning English as a second language. Best of all, with its charming characters, original songs and positive reinforcement, Kidwinks is engaging, encouraging and fun."

These videos run for 20 minutes (just long enough to keep your young child's attention). They are made for children ages 18 months and older. The cost is about $14.95 for a DVD.

Buy It: For more information and to purchase a Kidwinks DVD, you can visit their website

*A review copy of the DVD was received for the purpose of developing this review.*


Jana said...

These look awesome! I think my speech-delayed son will be getting these for his birthday!!

Deleted said...

Reading this reminded me a lot of the Baby Einstein movies. Great looking movie though, I think it would drive me nuts having to listen to it though while doing say the

Anonymous said...

looks great Tracy

Anonymous said...

I am a follower Tracy