Saturday, February 6, 2010

My husband and I used to do the Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel. They sent us a little handheld scanner (like stores use), and we scanned all our purchases for them.

It was pretty fun to do. We got to tell them about our shopping tenancies. And in return we earned valuable points that we could redeem for electronics, household items, jewelry, toys, gift cards, and more.

What did we use our points on? Well, we saved up and used them to purchase some items for our son for Christmas that year. A great way to put a little work in and get great rewards in return.

If you're interested, follow the link below and sign up with Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel.


Jana said...

We started doing it in November, but I think it'll be 2012 before we have enough points to buy anything useful!

Unknown said...

Jana- It didn't take us that long to earn something. We also participated in surveys and other things that helped our points add up faster!