Thursday, March 11, 2010

CP Docks Cell Phone Charging Station Review

Are you like me? Does your cell phone take up way too much room on a shelf or table somewhere when it's charging?

I have seen different phone charging stations, and the two that I had a chance to review from CP Docks were just right for me.

The Plug in Shelf Portable Cell Phone Station (seen above) was my personal favorite. I like that the cell phone cord wraps completely around the unit and out of the way. There is a non-slip grip on the top, so my phone doesn't slid off. And it only use one existing outlet plug, so if I put it on top the other is free for other things.

This has been very handy for my phone. I even took it with us to my parents' house when we stayed overnight. I didn't even bother to unwind the cord. I just took the whole thing- cell phone station with my cord already wrapped up.

The other unit CP Docks offers is the EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station (seen above) is similar to the first but offers a few more features. With this charging station the charger, phone, and cord are all stored on a special outlet cover. As with the other it offers a non-slip shelf and a cord storage spot. But this unit also has a handy hook for keys. And both units work with your existing charger.

You can see these in action on YouTube.

One major disadvantage for me is that we are limited on the outlets that we have up higher on the walls. I was only able to find one in the house that I can use to charge my phone. That is fine with me, but we have two adults and two cell phones in our house. So I still have one cell phone and cord clogging up shelf space. It only solved half the problem for me. However, I do like having my cell phone and charger easily in one place. It's so much easier to charge now.

Buy It: The CP Docks cell phone charging stations are available online at their website for $14.95 each with FREE shipping.