Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Ingredient Fix Cookbook by Claire Robinson Review

Claire Robinson is a Food Network star with her own cooking show, 5 Ingredient Fix, and hosts Food Network Challenge too. This cookbook goes along with the theme of her show, 5 Ingredient Fix.

The cookbook is all about simplifying food. In the beginning of the book Robinson shares a little about her story with food and cooking. Then she explains her reasoning behind the 5 ingredients or less thing. Mainly she wants to keep food simple. You should enjoy the flavor of the food itself and not mask it with too many other things. So by using fewer ingredients you have the opportunity to enjoy it.

With the way people are cutting back with the budgets and tightening their belts, the 5 Ingredient Fix cookbook helps as well. When you're buying fewer ingredients for meals, you're spending less money. And it makes grocery shopping that much easier.

The hardcover cookbook is sturdy with beautiful photographs. The 5 Ingredient Fix cookbook is broken into easy to manage sections, Up and At 'Em, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, Opening Act, All Day Eats, The Main Event, Sidekicks, Comfort A La Carte and Sweet Endings.

I have not had a chance yet to try any of the recipes, but here are some that sound wonderful to me- Maple Candied Bacon, Deconstructed Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs, Asian Beef Roll-Ups, Creamy Grilled Corn Soup, Pork Roast with Hard Cider Gravy, Roasted Cauliflower with Dates and Pine Nuts, Smoky Roasted Peaches, Millionaire's Shortbread, and Flourless Chocolate-Lover's Cake. As you can see there are many delightful recipes. And believe me, I tried to keep the list short. Any cook will be happy to have this one in their kitchen, and it would be a great gift for Christmas for the chef in your family.


Buy It: The 5 Ingredient Fix cookbook by Claire Robinson is available in stores and online now.


*Disclosure: I was not paid to post this, but a product was provided to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*


abby jenkins said...

I worked on this cookbook, we actually shot it at my house which was so fun, and I have to say her food is simple, straight forward and delicious. You have to try the cauliflower with fave.

I am glad you like the photos, I propped them!