Monday, February 21, 2011

Firefly Toothbrush Review

2pk Firefly Toothbrush - The Most Popular Tooth Brush Amongst Kids

As a parent there are many things that I teach my son. He’s 4 years old now, so hygiene is one that we’re working on. He can wash up in the bathtub, he can comb his hair, and he can brush his teeth. My husband and I want to make sure that he takes great care of his teeth, so we always supervise in the teethbrushing department. And many times I follow up and brush his teeth even after he’s done it. Yes, I want him to learn to do a good job, but I also want those pearly whites to be at their best.

We have found a great new product that helps kids with brushing their teeth. It teaches them how long to brush there teeth, helping to ensure they get them all nice and clean. The Firefly Toothbrush has a light up timer built right into the brush. Push the button once and it lights up for one minute. So in order for kids to brush the recommended 10 minutes, they can push the button once for the top teeth and again for the bottom teeth.  The Firefly Toothbrushes come in many colors. They also have different varieties like a musical toothbrush and the Barbie & Spiderman ones. Plus there are other characters that your kids will love too.

My son was so excited when he saw the Firefly Toothbrush. He loves to push the button and watch it flash the whole time he’s brushing his teeth. At first it was a bit of an issue, because he couldn’t concentrate on brushing and looking cross-eyed at his toothbrush at the same time. Pretty funny actually. But the toothbrush makes him want to brush his teeth twice a day. We still have to work on using the toothbrush for the whole two minutes when he’s brushing by himself, but we’ll get there. The Firefly Toothbrush is a great way to keep learning.

Dr. Fresh Float 'N Firefly, Soft Toothbrush (Pack of 12) 

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