Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shabbat Shalom, Grover! DVD Review

Shalom Sesame
Have you seen the new Shalom Sesame DVDs from Sesame Street yet? They have made a DVD series to help children learn more about the Jewish culture and traditions. Each of the DVDs are 30-minutes with live-action and animated stories in the same Sesame Street format that you and your kids are familiar with. The different DVDs focus on Jewish cultural traditions, highlighting lessons on Hebrew letters and words, unique sites in Israel and Jewish values.
Shalom Sesame Shabbat

We had the opportunity to review one of the new Shalom Sesame titles, the Shabbat Shalom, Grover! DVD. In Shabbat Shalom, Grover! Grover is confused why everyone is so busy before a day of rest. He gets to learn all about Shabbat. He sings along with Avigail to his favorite Shabbat song, Bim Bam! There is even a guest appearance by Cedric the Entertainer.

Shalom Sesame Grover Plants a Tree The other two new ones released at the same time were Grover Plants a Tree and Mitvah on the Street. In the Grover Plants a Tree DVD- It’s Tu Bishvat! Grover, Brosh and Avigail get back to nature as they learn how to plant trees and make the world a better place. Guest appearances by Debra Messing and Greg Kinnear. And on Mitzvah on the Street- When a storm makes a mess of the neighborhood, everyone lends a helping hand. In the meantime, Grover is invited to a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Come join Matisyahu and Oofnik as they beat box the Hava Nagila.

Although my family is not Jewish, we still appreciate Shalom Sesame Mitzvahlearning about other cultures. This Shalom Sesame DVD series has been very informative for my son and myself. Sesame Street has done a great thing by making  educational shows that kids love. And this is exactly the case with this series as well. It’s engaging for my son, and I can be confident that he’s learning things as well.

You can order Shabbat Shalom, Grover! and any of the Shalom Sesame DVDs from their website for $14.99 each or on Amazon as well. You can also find games, videos, and more at

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