Monday, June 27, 2011

Kushyfoot Review

Kushyfoot 1-super-low-foot-cover 
As women, we do like to look good. And a good pair of shoes can make an outfit. But when buying cute shoes, we don’t always go for comfort and ease. Kushyfoot is a company that is trying to help that cause.

Kushyfoot carries products that protect your feet from shoes. They have foot covers in regular, low cut, super ultra low cut, and lace. They also carry toe covers- that are like cute little socks but just to cover your toes, trouser & knee highs, athletic socks, tights, shoe cushions, men’s socks, and flats to go. They have a little of everything when it comes to foot comfort.

Kushyfoot spr_low_cut_foot_cover_1 I got to try the Kushyfoot Ultra Low Cut Sock. These are designed to give a little extra comfort even in the sleekest shoes. I can wear these with my dressiest pair of high heals. They help keep my feet from blisters without compromising my style. I like that I can still wear these with my nice dressy heals. I’m usually all for comfort with shoes, but sometimes I need to dress up a bit. I even have large feet, and this fits me great. They say it will always fit a smaller foot too. And it’s great having a product that keeps me comfortable even when I’m not wearing my tennis shoes (aka sneakers). These come in a 2-pair pack in nude, black, or assorted. Here’s a little more about the new product:

“Some of our customers told us,” said Mitch Brown, president of innovative legwear manufacturer and marketer, Kushyfoot, “that because of the particular shape of their feet, regular low cut socks sometimes slipped off, leaving them uncovered and potentially blistered. What they needed, they said, for their particular feet was a virtually invisible low sock that would stay on through thick and thin and still provide the kind of comfort and support that they had come to expect from Kushyfoot. So we set to work and now we can present the solution – our sleekest, dressiest, most stable foot cover yet, the Super Ultra Low Cut style 3478.”

Kushyfoot has built its reputation and commercial success on delivering true, advanced foot cover innovation for different wearers and varied circumstances, in small, affordable and attractive packages. The new Super Ultra Low Cut sock is no exception. It represents a superb extension of an already remarkable line of products. With a special sewn-in pad within the heel area that makes absolutely sure it will never shift or fall off and a luxurious padded sole, it is always there to deliver the total comfort that Kushyfoot wearers have come to expect and demand – even when they are wearing styles like ballet flats or shoes with cut out vamps. Featuring tremendous stretch and recovery range, it will fit a small, petite foot, as well as a larger fit, so one size truly does fit all.     
With the addition of the Super Ulta Low Cut to Kushyfoot line, every woman now has the foot cover choice she needs for every shoe she owns and every situation. Whatever she wants to wear—low cut, full cut, sandals, heels or flat—and whatever impression she wants to make, there’s now an attractively-priced Kushyfoot product available that’s perfect for both comfort and looks. “A woman’s particular circumstances might call for our lace foot cover to seductively beckon the onlooker,” says Brown, “or for one of our regular or original ultra low foot covers to provide discreet, invisible support and all-day comfort. Just like with undergarments where a woman needs different shapes, colors and sizes to flatter and work with different clothing, there’s a different Kushyfoot sock or foot cover to meet virtually any imaginable need.”

Kushyfoot flats-to-go The Kushyfoot Flats-To-Go were the other product that I had the chance to try. These are soft, thin, flexible shoe/slippers that are great to take when your feet need a break. I think the Flats-To-Go would be perfect for someone who spends a long day in heels. It’s nice to be able to slip them off when they start to hurt your feet. You can just keep the flats in your purse and pull them out whenever and wherever you need them. They fold into a small size and come with a buttoned carrying case that is simple to take along. I was impressed that the shape of these shoes holds up well even after being folded in the package for quite a while. You would never know once you open them and slip them on your feet. They are smooth and look cute too. The only issue I had with these was that they were too tight for my big feet. I was on the high end of the size I received, but they dug into my heal. I passed these along to my mom to use and enjoy since her feet are a little smaller than mine. I still really like these, but I would recommend going up one size if you need.

With all of the other Kushyfoot products you’re sure to find something that you can use. It’s all about making shoes and feet a little more comfortable. You can check out their products and purchase them at And everything is reasonably priced at $3.49-$9.99.

*I received these products in order to write my review. All opinions are my own.*