Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alison Faith Levy "World of Wonder" Children's CD

Children's music today is a world all it's own. I'm amazed at how many artist really get kids and create great music just for them. One of these wonderful musicians is Alison Faith Levy with her new CD "World of Wonder".

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 “World of Wonder is kid-friendly rock by grown up professionals who know how to write, sing and play … ‘Like A Spinning Top’ feels, to my ears, like the Patti Smith Group covering Gerry & The Pacemakers. Instantly, I was singing along and clapping my hands.”  – Paul Myers (author of A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio)

“Meet the Sippy Cups – a rock band for kids that’s like nothing you’ve ever heard.” –Billy Heller, New York Post  

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 6, 2012) – Alison Faith Levy, formerly “Sippy Alison” of legendary kindie trailblazersThe Sippy Cups and the songwriter behind such Sippy hits as “Magic Toast,” “The Jellyfish,” “Move Your Pants” and “One Day Soon,” returns to making music for kids with a stunning solo album, World of Wonder.

After spending five years crisscrossing the country with the psychedelic rock n' roll circus for kids that was The Sippy Cups, performing in such venues such as Symphony Space in NYC, Lollapalooza, House of Blues, Central Park Summerstage, and Austin City Limits, Alison Faith Levy took abreak from performing for children and found success with her "grown-up" Americana band, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, with songwriting partner Victor Krummenacher (of Camper Van Beethoven). They performed with the likes of Rosanne Cash, Cracker, and Built to Spill and released an acclaimed album Time for Leaving.

Alison missed performing for children, however, and decided to start a music time at a local bookstore. She began writing new songs for the kids, and word spread quickly. Within a few months the place was packed to the rafters every week, and Alison soon began booking performances at libraries, museums, music venues and outdoor festivals. She was tapped by a local club to produce a monthly music series for families, and her Starry Day Matinee Series in Berkeley, CA grew to be a runaway success, with full houses of jumping, dancing kids andhappy moms and dads.

For World of WonderAlison enlisted the help of her friend, songwriter and bandleader of lush indie popsters The Orange Peels — producer Allen Clapp. Together they took a new batch of songs and, with a goal of crafting their perfect pop kids’ music album, played practically every instrument themselves and mined their collective encyclopedic knowledge of pop music for production touchstones. Carole King, Elton John, Phil Spector, Godspell, The Zombies, The Byrds, Dusty Springfield, Pentangle, The Flaming Lips and XTC are just some of the influences that can be heard wafting through World of WonderAlison’s ten-year-old son, Henry, a musician in his own right, plays drums and sings on a couple of songs on the album, as well.

Enthuses noted music journalist Paul Myers, “While she regularly appears with kid-rockers The Sippy Cups, I only knew singer keyboardist Alison Faith Levy from her work in more alt-rock settings such as The Loud Family (with Scott Miller) and McCabe & Mrs. Miller (with Camper Van Beethoven's Victor Krummenacher), but in this milieu, we really get to hear her voice, which recalls the great girl group singers like Ronnie Spector. It doesn't hurt that California sunshine pop mastermind Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels) bathes the whole thing in Spectorian reverb. So it's a natural and fitting moment when Levy re-imagines "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in a Wall of San Francisco Sound. By the final strains of "One More Cupcake", you're in full agreement with the character in the song who begs mommy on her ‘bended band-aid knees’ for just five more minutes of fun. A true world of wonder which promises more wonders to come.”

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CD Details: World of Wonder
For ages 5 and under, and parents, too!
Label: Mystery Lawn Music
Release Date:  April 1, 2012
SRP: $12.97  ($9.99 digital download)
Run time:  33 minutes

What we thought: We enjoy all kinds of music. My family is pretty eclectic with music selection. (Believe me, you'd know really quickly by listening to my husband's iPod.) My son already has quite a music collection. This CD has already made the nightly rotation. Basically, that's a big two thumbs up from him for this CD.

Where to buy: The Alison Faith Levy "World of Wonder" CD is available from several online stores, like Amazon.

How to connect: You can learn more about Alison Faith Levy on her website. And she can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter too.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*