Monday, September 30, 2013

"Burton the Scarecrow–Friendship Tales" from the Farm Series by V. A. Boeholt

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.

It's fall now. Time to get out the decorations, prepare for Halloween and get the seasonal books out for the kids, I'm sure I'm not the only mom who does this. (Well, I'm not really sure actually. Am I??) I like to keep seasonal books together in the closet, then I can get them out to show the kids and excite them about changing seasons and upcoming holidays. It was especially fun in the preschool and toddler years.

The product:

“A sweet, enchanting story of friendship, with memorable opportunities for learning. Everyone needs a friend like Burton the Scarecrow!”
–Meridel Hedges, National Learning Styles Consultant and Educational Reading Specialist

Website: / List price: $14.95

V.A. Boeholt brings Burton the Scarecrow to life with endearing tales about gardening, farming, and friendship. Whether he’s protecting Farmer Green’s crops or helping his friends, Burton sets an example of kindness and commitment that will help young readers develop these strengths within themselves. Interactive readers’ guides and curriculum supplements help parents and teachers apply Burton’s wisdom at home or in the classroom, setting the stage for character development in an enjoyable, memorable way. Boeholt’s Friendship Tales from the Farm series a must for children and their caregivers, creating delightful moments of interactive storytelling that will enrich any learning environment.

What we thought: So, the truth is my oldest son is past the preschooler age. But that means he can read and enjoy books on his own, whenever he wants, now. Burton is a kind scarecrow, not the scary kind, and he helps children learn about many different things. Your children will find this story cheerful and entertaining. And since it's the season for all things fall, this will fit right in with your other activities. I know that your children will enjoy this book just as much as my son and I did.

Where to buy: You can find Burton the Scarecrow online.