Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trunki, Razor, and CSN Review

Have you shopping at CSN Stores before? They have so many things that you can find for you and your family. Need luggage for your summer trip? They have it. Want some outdoor furniture for entertaining? Look no further. Or do you just want to find a great birthday present for your child? They have toys too!

When I had the opportunity to work with CSN once again, it worked to my advantage. I was thinking about a few things for my son’s birthday that I knew he’d love. I searched for quite a while, they have so many things to choose from. But I finally settled on two things, and they were both a big hit!

Trunki I got the Melissa & Doug Trunki. I choose the Terrance in Blue color. Have you seen the Trunki yet? They are great luggage for children. It’s a hard plastic case that can hold clothing and toys inside for your child’s next trip to Grandma’s (or summer vacation). The Trunki has some extra fun features, in true Melissa & Doug style, that make this a must have for every family. It comes with a strap for pulling, carrying, and unlocking the locks. And the Trunki is made for a child to sit on top and ride. It has four wheels on the bottom and kids can scoot it themselves, or a parent can pull with the strap. You don’t have to worry about your child complaining about walking all the way through the hotel, just let them ride on their Trunki.

Trunki2 We’ve had a lot of fun with our Trunki. It’s perfect on trips, and I’m excited to use it on our upcoming vacation. It has enough room to pack for a few days away and some toys for entertainment. My son plays with this at home too. He can hide away toys inside, plus it’s a fun ride-on toy that he uses anytime. You can also purchase a saddlebag for the Trunki with room for other activities and games. And there are sticker sets to decorate the Trunki too. (I’ll tell more about these in a future review.)

GEDC1726(2) The other birthday gift I choose for my 5 year old is the Razor scooter. I’ve been thinking about one of these for over a year now. I thought this would be a good summer for him to use it. He was shocked and loved it right away, because he’s been admiring other kids’ scooters for a while now. I love that the Razor scooter is well made and easy to take places. It completely folds up, so I throw it in my car when we’re leaving home. He can ride it at Grandma’s house or at the park too. Zachariah loves his scooter, but he’s still getting used to it. He hasn’t completely figured out how to put his weight on the scooter and let it go. He’s a little cautious with things like this, so I know with more use he’ll love it. And I feel like this was a good purchase that will last a long time. It even has a maximum weight of 120 lbs, so it should be useful through his childhood too. And I’m sure it will hold up that long too.Scooter

My experience ordering these from CSN was great. They ship quickly and easily. And their products ship cheap and many have free shipping. You can get the Razor and Trunki like we got from CSN. Or shop for your own gifts. You’ll love the selection that CSN has.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to post this, but I did receive a gift certificate to purchase the products I reviewed here. All opinions are my own.*


Tiff said...

I love working CSN! They do a great job! :)

Steph said...

cute Trunki and our house loves razors -- they rock!!!

Anonymous said...

This thing is so cool!

Rae Henderson