Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday 5/10/11 Blog Hops & A Crafty Question

Good morning. I hope that you are all having a great week!

I know many of you are crafty or have an eye for design. I need a little advice. I'm making a baby blanket for my niece-to-be. I usually crochet blankets, because I feel it goes faster for me. But I decided to try knitting this one, and it's not been too bad. It's taken a bit longer (I can whip up a crocheted one pretty fast), but it's been better than I thought. I really like the results too.

Here's where I need your help. I have the main part of the blanket done, and then it has a border added to it. I have done the blanket in pink and purple, so I thought another accent color might look good on the border. So on the first row of the border, I used a cream color, the purple and pink like the rest of the blanket. I have the first border side done. I'm not sure whether I should keep it as is or change it. (That's why I stopped after the first side.)

My options are to 1) keep it the same, 2) drop the cream, so the border will just be purple/pink/purple, 3) put the cream on the outside as someone suggested, so it would be purple/pink/cream on the border, 4) other idea. What do you think?

The blanket is folded in 1/4 here, but you can see how the border looks on it.

Close up of the border. Does it work?


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d e v a n said...

I think it works! Love it. :)

a little bit of everything said...

It's pretty the way it is but I might skip the cream and stick with the main colors for the border.

Patricia said...

I think it is very pretty!

Hello I am following you via TTT blog hop. Please follow me.


Tidbitz said...

I like the added cream color, and its very nice! New follower!

Unknown said...

now following ty for the sweet comment