Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flip Flop Wines Review


Sometimes a nice glass of wine in the evening is a great way to relax! I know a lot of mothers, like myself, enjoy a little time to sit and enjoy the quiet when the children are in bed. Having a glass of wine just adds to the pleasure.

I must admit that I’m not a big wine drinker most of the time. I’m not much of a drinker (of alcoholic beverages) anyway, never have been. But once in a while I’ll have a small glass of wine if my husband has it around. Or I’ll order a mixed drink at a restaurant once or twice a year. I usually veer towards the sweeter drinks, probably because I don’t like anything too strong when I do actually have an alcoholic beverage.


When I was first introduces to Flip Flop Wines, I thought, alright I’ll give it a try. While I’m not a big wine person, I am willing to try new things. And my husband does enjoy wine once in a while. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Flip Flop Wines. Not only are they are great company, but I really enjoyed the wine. I still didn’t finish a bottle, but I still had a few glasses and really liked what I tried.

Flip Flops Wines is all about individuality. They strive to create tasty, quality wine from the grapes they grow in California. And they keep their product at an afforable price for everyone. A bottle of Flip Flop Wine retails for only $7.00.

Flip Flop Wines also partners with awesome charities often. Groups like Friends of the Forest, Netting Nations and Habitat for Humanity are part of the list of working with this great company. The most recent, Soles4Souls, is a non-profit partner with Flip Flop Wines. Here is a little more about Soles4Souls:

The partnership with  flipflop wines and Soles4Souls is important. With more than  300 million children in the world without shoes, flipflop’s dedication to the cause is helping put shoes on more than 100,000 feet.

Shoes help prevent the spread of parasitic diseases that plague over 1.4 billion people worldwide, and they are a basic human necessity.

The reality of life for many individuals in developing nations is that having a pair of shoes is a rarity. It is not uncommon for children to grow up in these areas without ever having had a pair of shoes at all.

The number of barefoot orphaned children, in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, is estimated to be above 20 million.

Shoes are very often considered a required part of the school uniform in developing countries and without shoes, many children are unable to attend school.

Many serious health conditions can be absorbed through the feet, even through the toughest soles. As the skin on the bottom of the feet toughens and thickens, large cracks can form, which allows parasitic infections such as hookworm and threadworm to penetrate the skin. In addition, constant cuts and scrapes to the feet and ankles frequently become infected and many of these infections can lead to ulcers and worse.

Among the dangers of going barefoot are the risk of puncture wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns to the feet. These injuries are almost never treated and can lead to serious infections, amputations and even death. With the number of children living in abject poverty and therefore
surviving at a scavenger's existence, the feet are at tremendous risk as the child hunts for food or household items in garbage dumps, abandoned housing/construction areas, or while crossing through open sewer trenches and contaminated areas.

In addition to infections brought on by external injuries, a child's bare foot is particularly at risk of infection by hookworm. Especially at risk are children living in African and Southeast Asian countries, where hookworm infections are about 60 times more common.

In 2011, flipflop wines and Underdog Wine Merchants are partnering with Soles4Souls to help them achieve their goal of 11 million pairs of shoes in 2011.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Kirk,, 615/391-5723 Soles4Souls, Inc., 319 Martingale Drive, Old Hickory, TN 37138 

Partnering with Soles4Souls means for each bottle of Flip Flop Wines purchased (up to 100,000 pairs for the first 100,000 bottles sold; where promotion is legal) they receive one pair of flip-flop sandals. I think this is a great promotion. And when you’re only spending $7 for a bottle of wine anyway, this is such an easy way to know that you’re helping a great charity too.

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We got to try the Riesling Flip Flop Wine and Pinot Grigio Flip Flop Wine. They have a great description of each of their wines on their website. They explain details about the wine, its flavor, what to eat it with, how to serve and store it and more. The Riesling is rated in the medium sweet/sweet category (between dry and sweet), and the Pinot Grigio is right in the middle. Being a sweet girl myself, I figured I’d favor the Riesling a little more. But I was a little surprised that I liked the Pinot Grigio. The flavor was amazing, and I really enjoyed it.

You can check stores near you to see if they carry Flip Flop Wines. They also will ship to certain states (at only $7/bottle). You can keep up with Flip Flop Wines on Facebook and Twitter as well. I recommend you run out and buy some right away. You’ll like it!

*Disclaimer: I received products from Flip Flop Wines to try for this review. All opinions are my own.*


Carla Aldrich said...

Interesting read- I like an occasional glass of wine too and am always willing to try new things. If I see this in a store in Iowa, I will try it! I like that it is pretty cheap too.