Friday, July 15, 2011

Next Day Flyers Business Cards Review

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As you know, I was looking for a great place to get some blog business cards from a while ago. I found a fantastic company to work with just in the nick of time.

Next Day Flyers is a go-to company for ordering printed materials online. They specialize in custom-made business cards, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, specialty die cuts and other marketing items. And they can meet your need large or small.

The best part is the Next Day printing promise. When you see that in their name, they mean it. When you submit a print ready file that is approved before 6 PM PST, they will have it printed and shipped out the next business day. You can’t beat a quick response like that and have what you need so quickly.

GEDC2336 I got to try their business card printing. I was really excited, because I have been looking for a place to purchase blog business cards. I have gone to a few events and not had any cards to had out to people I meet. Plus I wanted to have cards to any events I might go to where I could hand my card to companies and businesses.

It was so easy to design my business cards with their online design center. I chose to put my PS Mom logo on the front with all of my information. I was able to match the colors that were on my logo and blog too. On the back I had a full color picture of myself and my name, address and phone number. Then there is enough clean, white space that someone could jot down a note too.

The 500 two-sided business cards where quickly printed and shipped to me. They are good quality cards. I like the smooth glossy texture that they have too. The color pops just right and was very true to the color that I chose on my computer screen. The photo printed very well and was high quality too.


Next Day Flyers
has great options to chose from. With business card you can choose the basic rectangle like I have, or they also have rounded corner and fold business cards too. There are also lots of premade templates that you can choose from if you don’t want to design the whole thing yourself. Or you may upload a design that you already have. It’s very easy to do all right on their website.

And if you need help through the process, their customer service was great. They are willing and able to answer any questions with a quick email or phone call. I also think their prices are very reasonable. I will definitely reorder my business cards with them (when I get through the 500 I have now), and I will use them for any other printing needs I have.

I would highly recommend Next Day Flyers for any of your printed marketing materials. And for bloggers who don’t have business cards, you should get some right away. You never know when you might want to hand one to someone. It would be great to have them on hand to promote your blog.

You can get more information and learn more about Next Day Flyers services on their website- All items for purchase can be seen there as well.

*This post was written for Family Review Network & Next Day Flyers who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.*


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