Monday, December 5, 2011

No Entries in Christmas Card Giveaway...

So I posted a great giveaway for $50 worth of Christmas/holiday cards, but so far there are 0 entries. So my question is why aren't you entering?

Have you already ordered cards?

Do you not do cards?

Is the contest open to long for you to think you'll get the cards in time?

If that's the case, if I close it in 2 days (instead of next week) would you enter? Then you could have cards ready by the end of this week.

Please let me know, I don't want this gift card to go unused. I already have it, so it will be emailed to you immediately when I draw a winner.


Amy W. said...

It would be great if you could close it sooner. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I agree with Amy, it would be great if it closed sooner. Then we would have time to get the cards out before Christmas. Thanks!

Shannon said...

I tried to enter this the other day and rafflecopter was having issues on multiple blogs. That might have accounted for some of it!

I am planning on entering, but you can use this for anything right? It doesn't have to be holiday cards necessarily?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to close it Thursday morning. Then I can draw the winner right away, and send them the code right then.

So, if you haven't, go enter. You'll be able to place your order as early as Thursday if/when you win!

Unknown said...

OK, I can only close at 12:01AM with Rafflecopter, so I'll close it 12:01AM Friday. You have until the end of Thursday to enter. Thanks!