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A hidden gem!  Great messages for kids … takes the important messages we want our kids to learn and embrace, but presents them in a way that's fun and unassuming.”
 – Common Sense Media review of Recess Music’s Celebrate Earth
“Really nice tunes for environmentally conscience kids and parents.”
 Lahri Bond, 2011 Parents' Choice
® Award review of Recess Music’s Ocean Motion
“A wonderfully catchy and uplifting children’s music album. Highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review review of Recess Music’s Wild Child

ST. PAUL, MN (August 25, 2011)
 – Recess Music, a company dedicated to helping kids value a world that is wise, fair, and generous hearted, looks forward to the October 18 release of U R Some 1, the second in its “Best Foot Forward” series of CDs.  U R Some 1 joins Recess Music’s recently released Big Bully in launching the “Best Foot Forward” series.

All the songs on U R Some 1 highlight self-esteem as a key ingredient for living in harmony with others by celebrating the concept that “there is no one quite like you, and you are perfect just the way you are!”  This happy, upbeat album also affirms for kids that all humans are “the same & different AND different & the same.”  U R Some 1’s musical adventure in self-awareness includes 12 tracks that showcase contributions by a sampling of today’s most gifted kids’ musicians, including Peter HimmelmanAnna Moo, and Katherine Dines.

U R Some 1 opens with the welcoming message of “U R U,” featuring the friendly voices of The Happy Crowd. The album offers up some nifty scientific info on “Body Parts” by Amy Lowe and the rollicking “The Five Senses Boogie” by The Bee’s Knees. Katherine Dines extols the power of imagination on “It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Your Brain.” Anna Moo’s joyous, 12-bar blues, “You’re An Animal Too.” is sure to get kids up and dancing.  Slugs and Bugs’ Woody Guthrie-influenced “Piggy Little Toes” is a showcase for some exquisite five-string banjo and fiddle playing.  The country sounds of The Coles’ “Put Your Happy Face On” are guaranteed to cheer up little ones who are having a rough day. Seth Decker encourages kids not to follow the crowd but, rather, to “Follow Your Nose.” Likewise, a “listen to the voice inside you” message is endorsed by Palo Colorado on his smooth, easy listening “Still Small Voice.” A breathtakingly beautiful a capella preamble enhances the anti-war message of Lisa Atkinson’s “Arms Are For Hugging.”   Peter Himmelman incorporates Big Band sounds on “Feet,” an ode to the pedal extremities featuring his highly entertaining backup singers. The Swingset Mamas, exuding style and confidence, bring the album to an inspirational close with a happy beat on their “Great To Be Me”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Recess Music’s “Best Foot Forward” series could be thought of as the musical complement to a hip, up-to-date, and entirely relevant “course in manners” that reinforces a profound subtext and encourages kids to be the very best they can be. Almost all children really want to have friends and be good playmates, but to achieve these objectives they must learn key social structures and conventions, such as how to say, “I’m sorry” or how to live by the rule of “no put-downs” toward others. The first release in the “Best Foot Forward” series, Big Bully, presents songs promoting these healthy, positive ideas by asking the question “Why can’t we just be friends?”  Featured artists on Big Bully include such kids’ music luminaries asMilkshakeThe Hipwaders, and Renee & Jeremy. The folks at Recess Music hope that Big Bully, in conjunction with U R Some 1, will help to encourage discussion among parents, children, and educators about harmony, understanding, social justice, and global peace, as well as the particular challenges caused by the unfortunate presence of intimidation and bullying behavior on our social landscape.

While experiencing a multi-faceted life as a mother, wife, and minister, Nancy Doan became convinced of the need to make the world a better place through a two-fold approach: sustaining our environment and teaching kindness. Because music held a prominent place in both her own childhood and her experiences as a mother, Nancy developed an appreciation of the power of music as an educational tool.  When the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus dictated a career change, she cast about for a way to continue to serve the causes to which she had dedicated her life. This search ultimately led to the creation of Recess Music, as a company dedicated to the twin goals of environmental awareness and social empathy through its “Celebrate Earth” and “Best Foot Forward” series of recordings.

U R Some 1 will be available online at and its international affiliates, iTunes, and brick and mortar retailers throughout the U.S.

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CD Details: U R Some 1 For ages 4 - 12
Label: Big Round Records
SRP: $11.99
Run time: 32 minutes

Here is another great children's CD from Recess Music- UR Some 1 CD. If you're looking for uplifting, fun, children's music this fits that mold. Your kids will be able to sing, dance and groove to the music. And you will feel good knowing they are listening to something that's positive.

My son enjoys this CD. It's made it to the top of the choices for a bedtime CD lately. The songs "Piggy Little Toes" and "Five Senses Boogies" are really fun! You and your children will enjoy this CD together at playtime and car trips too.

You can purchase the UR Some 1 CD through their website,, or on Amazon. CDs make quick and easy stocking stuffers too! I have a copy to giveaway as well. You can enter to win one in the Rafflecopter form below.

*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*