Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Feet Wii Game & Pump It Up

I have a hard time finding games for the Wii that my son really likes and I don't mind him playing. So many games are rating E10+ or higher. I'm surprised at the cartoon oriented and kid-themed games that are rated this high. So it gets my son's interest only to find out he can't play that game. (I've mentioned before that I'm pretty strict with ratings on TV, movies, and games.)

As you would suspect, when we find a game that it well-made, works for younger children, and has an E rating, we are very excited. The game we found recently that is perfect is the new Happy Feet Two: The Video Game. This game is fun, easy to do, and entertaining for the whole family.

With a controller and a nunchuck and just a little bit of rhythm, anyone can figure out this fun game. The penguins from the movie Happy Feet Two are the stars. You are trying to collect music notes and other penguins by "learning" the dance moves and making them dance along.

Zachariah has enjoyed this game, and he even taught Grandma how to play (she doesn't do video games often).  If you're looking for a fun Wii game that the whole family can play look for Happy Feet Two: The Video Game in stores and online now.

If you're looking for a little more fun to wear off some energy for your kids, check our your nearest Pump It Up for a fun time. You can check them out on Facebook for their latest specials and their site for finding locations.

*Disclaimer: I received this game to review. All opinions are my own.*


Gladys Parker said...

Luv the review. I want to give my grandchildren this for Easter so now I know for sure they will like it. Thanks!
Gladys P