Thursday, March 8, 2012

Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy DVD

Timmy is one of the newest popular characters in a long list of successful shows by HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate. With his funny little adventures, Timmy and his friends are always finding some mischief with their friends and classmates. The silent adventurers make the comedy even better for preschoolers.

Join Timmy and his preschool pals for fast action fun with trains, go karts, sports and more in this DVD from the award-winning creator of Wallace And Gromit and Shaun The Sheep - Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy. It's go time for lovable lamb Timmy and all his barnyard buddies in Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy, featuring five fun adventures all about being preschoolers on the move. From the Oscar winning creators of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time features a winning combination of slapstick humor and classic silent comedy that will delight preschoolers again and again. Join the gang as they test out a new go-kart, trip out on a new tricycle, rally for Sports Day, huddle up for soccer and more in these hilarious new episodes.

Hold on tight for more fast-action fun with your pal Timmy and his preschool classmates! Enjoy the ride as Timmy speeds off in a brand new go-kart and runs into a big, smelly problem. Then it's off to the races at the nursery's Sports Day, helping Otus with soccer and learning that winning isn't everything. Surprises and laughter shift into high gear in these five delightful adventures the whole family will love!

  • "Go Kart Timmy" - There's a brand new pedal go-kart in the playground, and all the animals are desperate to have a go - especially Timmy! But his eagerness behind the wheel soon leads him into trouble and he reverses into a very smelly compost heap! After cleaning the go-kart, Timmy starts to understand the importance of waiting his turn.
  • "Timmy On Wheels" - Timmy is having fun on the tricycle, but Ruffy does now have much luck learning how to ride it. Timmy can't be bothered to take the time to teach him, but when he has difficulties riding a scooter himself, he soon learns that he should help others rather than ride away...
  • "Timmy Wants To Win" - Everyone is getting involved in Sports Day at the nursery, and Timmy is determined to win! But after missing out on first place race after race, his dreams of winning begin to falter. When he helps Yabba up after a tumbler, however, Timmy is deemed the true winner of the day!
  • "Timmy Plays Ball" - The class is learning how to play soccer, but Timmy keeps hogging the ball! Ruffy and Paxton soon get bored, leaving Timmy to play with a not-very-athletic Otus. But after teaching Otus how to pass the ball, Timmy wins himself a new soccer partner.
  • "Timmy's Train" - Timmy and his classmates are playing trains, but both he and Mittens want to be the leader! By trying to outdo each other with increasingly impressive train costumes, they attempt to win over their pals, but soon realize that it's no good being the best-looking train if there aren't any passengers left to play with you!
The Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy DVD is targeted at children ages 2-5 years old. It runs about 45 minutes long. There is also a bonus episode of Shaun the Sheep "Big Top Timmy" and "Timmy's Tune" music video included. You can learn more about Timmy Time at and

We enjoy the Timmy Time DVDs. They are fun for kids and not too annoying for adults (like some cartoons). The things that these little ones into just make my son crack up laughing. There is always a new adventure and the sports theme in this one is one that my little boy enjoyed.

You can purchase Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy DVD in stores and online now.

*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*