Monday, November 19, 2012

Beethoven's Wig Sing Along Piano Classics (Piano Book & CD)

I have played piano since I was a little 5 year old girl. This summer my son took an interest in our piano. I have not started him on lessons yet, but I did teach him a little when he wanted to know more. Learning to play an  instrument can be a lot of fun for kids (and adults too). And the Beethoven's Wig Sing Along Piano Classics blends classical music sounds with fun, entertaining lyrics.

The product: A year ago I reviewed the CD Beethoven's Wig. It is fun for kids and teaches them the classical songs with a fun, new twist. This is a companion piano book called Beethoven's Wig Sing Along Piano Classics. Now you and your little musicians can play the songs yourself. Plus it comes with a bonus CD to listen to as well.

The song book includes the Beethoven's Wig CD along with piano music and lyrics to each song from the album. It also features a forward and introduction to each son by the writer, Richard Perlmutter. There are fantastic illustrations as well.

In 2002, Beethoven's Wig took the worlds of classical and kids music by surprise, releasing their debut album Sing Along Symphonies - a seemingly impossible merger of two totally polarized genres that resulted in instant acclaim. Fast forward a decade to this spring. Beethoven's Wig has released 5 albums, received 5 Parents Choice Awards, 4 Grammy Award nominations, and over 50 other recognitions (and two #1 Bestsellers).

In the animated video for "Beethoven's Wig," the humongous hairpiece is the star, and it's wreaking havoc on poor Ludwig! As the situation gets hairier and hairier, Beethoven must make a break for it to escape with ego intact (even if the wig isn't). Kids and parents alike will find themselves thoroughly entertained by this imaginative plot! Stay tuned for another Beethoven's Wig/Smiley Guy Studios collaboration this spring, based on the classic 'Wig tune, "Beep Beep" (a favorite of NPR's Car Talk).

"What's the most far out place you could find a recording of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony? The answer lies in the CD itself." Susan Stamberg, National Public Radio "All Things Considered

"Perlmutter's got goofball charm…the orchestra's great, and his lyrics are truly hilarious."
U.S. News & World Report

"After we played "Beep Beep Beep" on the show, it may have set the record for most "how do I get that" e-mails from listeners"
NPR's Cartalk

"An irreverent, witty approach to music appreciation… a laugh out loud album that pretty much guarantees listeners will forevermore recognize (the classics)." Los Angeles Times

What I thought: I enjoyed playing these familiar classic songs. And even more fun is singing the funny lyrics to my son and having him sing along. This is a great piano book for lots of family fun and entertainment. Most of the songs in the piano book are an intermediate level. It would be tough for a beginner piano student, but it would still be fun for them to learn the melodies in it. If you have a pianist in your family, you'll want to add this book and CD to your music collection.

Where to buy: The Beethoven's Wig Sing Along Piano Classics is available in several online retailers, including Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*