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Hullabaloo "Raise A Ruckus" Kid's CD

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TOP 10 BEST CHILDREN'S CDs of 2010:  “As good as it gets when it comes to children's music.” 
– Parents Magazine

8 OUT OF 10 STARS: “If Johnny Cash had downed a case of Red Bull, then gone out to perform for an arena full of kids, it might have sounded like this.”
 COOKIE magazine

BEST CHILDREN'S MUSIC of 2011 : “An instant in-car classic.” 

SAN DIEGO, CA  (June 19, 2012) -- With ten major national awards in their hip pocket and an eight-year track record of glowing critical acclaim, the beloved "free-range, organic" kid-folk duo Hullabaloo has pulled out all the stops for their 10th studio CD, Raise a Ruckus.

Produced by GRAMMY® nominee Tor Hyams,  Raise a Ruckus takes Hullabaloo's down-home, good-times musical ebullience to a new level, with guest artists Grammy® winner Buck Howdy, Grammy® winner Marcy MarxerMolly Ledford of Lunch Money, and the extraordinary multi-instrumentalist Dennis Caplinger — whose credits include Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Vince Gill, Ray Price, Rita Coolidge, and Nickel Creek, among many others — bringing their considerable talents to a kick-up-your-heels party with the duo that's been described as a blend of Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, and Mr. Rogers.

Hullabaloo has made a career out of creating tickle-your-funnybone, laugh-out-loud humor that saturates every song and qualifies them as direct heirs to the likes of Homer & Jethro and the Hoosier Hot-Shots.  The clever quality ofHullabaloo's narrations sets the story of each song in a halo of brainy sophistication, while their knockout musicianship and vocal clarity deliver the entire production with a sense of effortless grace.  Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremercan safely challenge any parent or child to listen to them cut loose on a goofy gem like "Dad Upside Down" without cracking a smile.  That kind of infectious humor permeates every track of Raise a Ruckus.

The album's title song — in the old days, a real "get down and boogie" staple on Louisiana Hayride and The Grand Ole Opry — has been given new, kid-friendly lyrics and up-to-date energy, while other songs, like "Trash is My Treasure" (the triumphant anthem of a food-recycling seagull) have a more contemporary slant.   One of the most evocatively colorful songs on Raise a Ruckus, "Favorite Day," calls upon Molly Ledford to combine her vocal and xylophone talents with those of Dennis Caplinger on ukulele and dobro, along with the great sound of Gunnar Biggs' slap bass. Buck Howdy really shines on a "Song About Nothing," which proves that if a song has a great shape and energy, syntax takes a back seat.

Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since.  They started playing music together in the 5th grade band, where they vigorously showed off their developing talents on "Old MacDonald" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  Little did they know that, decades later, these songs would still be among their biggest hits!   Steve grew up to be an elementary school music teacher, folksinger, and songwriter, while Brendan became a rock 'n' roll drummer.  Hullabaloo officially began when Steve and Brendan teamed up to play a few songs at Brendan's twin daughters' first birthday party.  Fast-forward eight years to find that Hullabaloo has performed more than 1,500 shows throughout the country at venues ranging from birthday parties to fancy concert halls.  Along the way they've released nine award-winning albums (at last count, with more than 20,000 sold) and developed a loyal following nationwide.

What we thought: This is a fun children's music CD. My son likes listening to it at night. He usually will listen to a CD each night to fall asleep (and often leaves it looping over and over all night). This is a great one that I know is kid friendly and full of fun (and funny) songs that he can safely enjoy. This is a great CD for  your family too.

Where to buy: You can find Hullaballo Raise a Ruckus CD at, Amazon and a few other online stores.

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