Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sports Shield Bandages

Sports are fun for kids. It's good to be active and involved. But as mom's, we know that accidents are bound to happen...especially when there are kids running around outside. Now you can cover your children's ouchies with cute bandages that show off their love of sports with Sports Shield.

The product:

Adhesive Bandage Company Launches Sports-Theme Bandages for Kids -- Available July 24, 2012 From The Jolly Group

Ellenville, NY (June 25, 2012) – Bumps and boo-boos are a basic part of growing up, but your child’s healing bandage can be anything but basic thanks to Sports Shield and its newest kid-themed adhesive strips they’ll be proud to wear.

Created by the Jolly Group, who entered the first aid/wound care industry in 1995, Sports Shield Brand is no ordinary bandage.  While it serves its purpose protecting cuts, scrapes and minor wounds, it also helps you show your passion and allegiance to your favorite sport.

Sports Shield bandages are appealing to all ages and gender, made from super lightweight, latex free material and offer top-quality protection and flexibility for even the most active individuals. Their full, non-stick pad design offers more wound-coverage and is soft and flexibleeasily conforming to the body.  It’s like you’re not even wearing them!

Ideal for anyone active in sportsSports Shield bandages are available in two different sizes for adults and kids alike and come in eight additional designs: “Baseball,” “Basketball,” “Football,” “Soccer,” “Hockey,” “Cheerleading, “Girls Soccer” and “Fun Fashion.” They truly are The Choice of Active People™! 

The company also has available non-sports- themed bandages with two designs also available July 24th.  Perfect for action-loving boys, “Rescue” themed bandage features fire trucks and ambulances, while “Lady Bug” – adorned with butterflies and ladybugs – is sure to delight little girls.

Suggested retail price for 25 count packages is $2.50 each and $4.00 for the super size variety pack with 16 different themed bandages.

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About The Jolly Group
The Jolly Group has been a manufacturer of various consumer products since 1984.  Products have included a line of upscale plush toys through their Plush Factory Division for companies including FAO, Nieman Marcus, Kay Bee Toys & TRU;  junior sporting goods through their Berkshire Sports Division for Kay Bee Toys, Kmart & Sears; microscopes and telescopes under their Edu-Science Brand with their affiliated company Shin Nihon in Japan for TRU and many catalog customers; Art Aqua, an upscale line of aquarium ornaments for the pet industry, supplying and designing a line of private label products exclusively for  Petco as well as supplying products for Royal Pet Supplies, one of the largest distributors of pet supplies to the independent pet retailers in the country.

The Group is now looking to expand its line of first aid products and accessory items.

What we thought: Of course fun band-aids are always a hit with children, my son too. The best part about Sports Shield is the variety of sports that you can get. You can find boys themed and girls themed ones too. They come in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, cheerleading, girls soccer and fun fashion.

Over the last few years my son had played a variety of sports: soccer, baseball, football and swimming. It didn't take too many practices for me to realize that it was important to have a few things handy...and bandages was one of those. I just made it a point to always have them in my purse at practices and games. Several times they were used, and most times by someone other than my son. It was good to have the bandages handy to give to another parent. They are very useful. And even better is having the bandage that features the kids sports. They love to use them too.

Where to buy: You can get Sports Shield Bandages through their website-, on Amazon, and a few other online retailers.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*