Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aetrex Sandalistas Review

For even the busiest of mothers, we need something that will hold us up for the "go go go" of life. A good pair of shoes will help us get through the busy days.
Aetrex shoes are made with that in mind. Whether for people with foot problems, someone needing a little support, or mothers chasing after their kids, we all need great shoes. And even better, we need good looking shoes.

This summer I got to try a cute pair of "sandalistas" from Aetrex. You can view there whole line here. I tried The Amalie Sandalista in Moss Nubuck, which is a light shade of blue. They are cute sandals and something I can wear anywhere. The sizes ran true and fit my foot well. The only problem I ran into was the straps. They are adjustable, but my feet seem to be between sizes. That meant they were either a little too big or squeezing my feet. But I don't blame the manufacturers for that, it's hard to custom fit everyone's individual feet.

The Sandalista line from Aetrex all include many features. They have a removable PU footbed with suede & memory foam top cover. This makes it very comfortable to walk on. It had a soft feel to my foot, and it is also giving my foot lots of soft cushion. And the removable footbed is for the Patented Mozaic Customization Technology. They also have built-in Lynco support.

The Patented Mozaic Customization Technology is one of the neatest things I've seen for shoes. When you take the removable liner out of the shoe, on the back you will see the Mozaic gel plugs. They are strategically placed for comfort, but you can remove the pads where you have pressure or pain in your foot. This allows for each shoe to be customized to your foot.

For more about the Mozaic Customization, check out their website. They offer it in other shoes as well as the Sandalistas.

Aetrex also makes many other types of shoes that are fashionable and designed for comfort. I will pass on fashion in favor of comfort most times, but when you can have both why not? They have Men's shoes, Women's shoes, Orthotics, and even Copper socks. Go check out all they have to offer.

Buy It: You can get Aetrex shoes through Foot.com or search their website for store near you.

*A product was received for the purpose of this review.*


d e v a n said...

Those are cute!! I really, REALLY need some comfy sandals for my pregnant feet - I'm going to check those out! TY!

Erin said...

They come in half-sizes, too... use the store locator at the link to try them on for a perfect fit.