Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spanish for Beginners: Adentro y Afuera (Inside and Out) DVD Review

Spanish for Beginners: Adentro y Afuera (Inside and Out) is a great DVD with the fun Whistlefritz to help your young child learn Spanish. With helpful people and interesting animated characters, this is a creative way for children to learn a little bit of Spanish. And it's been released in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15- Oct. 15).

From the press release:
Founded in 2006, Whistlefritz was started by a mom who wanted to teach her own children Spanish. Frustrated by the lack of high-quality Spanish immersion programs, she decided to create her own Spanish DVDs and CDs for children...and so Whistlefritz was born and two award-winning title, Vamos a Jugar (Let's Play) and Los Animales (The Animals) were released.

Learning to understand and speak Spanish - the world's third most spoken language - opens up a new world of opportunity for children, but it only works if the lessons can hold their attention. That's where Whistlefritz comes in. The series' use of engaging stores, funny characters, lively music and interactive fun makes it an invaluable and entertaining teaching tool that stimulates, educates and allows kids to quickly and easily make the language all their own.

I have seen many places that children learn a second language much faster at a younger age, so this video is right on point with tailoring to kids. Using a simple speak and repeat helps children to try speaking the words they are learning.

In Spanish for Beginner: Adentro y Afuera Marie and her little mouse friend, Fritzi, go around the house learning the Spanish words for every day household items. They also explore outside and learn more words around the playground. This DVD is targeted at children ages 2-7. It has received several different awards and a few other DVDs and CDs from Whistlefritz have as well. The DVD runs about 30 minutes, so it will keep your children's attention.

Buy It: This DVD is available now on the Whistlefritz website.

*A product was provided to me for the purpose of this review.*