Monday, April 26, 2010

Powerful Different from Pine-Sol

Pine-Sol Brand Cleaner is a product that American's have used in their homes for 80 years.  It's well known for cutting the grease & grime and helping women everywhere make a difference in their home.  With their new program you and women all over can make a powerful difference outside your home too!

Pine-Sol®'s Powerful Difference™ program awards dozens of grants to women leading the charge for change and helps provides tools, resources and inspiration to help and encourage others to start championing and creating change in their own communities. 

If you're on Facebook (and really who's not?), you can easily connect to Pine-Sol's Powerful Difference campaign.  They have an application that you can use to honor 5 amazing, powerful women in your life and showcase that on your Facebook wall.  And if you're looking for more ideas to and information about the Pine-Sol's Powerful Difference, you can see more on their site here.

*This is not a paid post, but I will be entered in a drawing for a gift card for participating.*