Monday, May 31, 2010

Barney and Thomas & Friends On-The-Go DVD Sets Review

Traveling is what summer is all about. Many families take vacations. And even if you don't, most people take at least some sort of trip away from home in the summer. Trips are fun and exciting and sometimes a brand new adventure. But if you've ever traveled with a kid…let's be honest, they can suck the fun right out of any trip (even the ones we make for them).

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment have introduced new Barney and Thomas & Friends DVD sets that come in a convenient carrying case for on the go fun and entertainment. Each contain 3 DVDs and have spots for even more DVDs inside the case. You can take your whole Barney collection along this year. :D

The Barney On-The-Go Pack of DVDs include

  • "Red, White, Blue"- a DVD all about red, white and blue things that Barney and his friends discover and learn about together. This DVD includes a Read-Along Story- "Barney's Book of Hugs" and the run time is about 35 minutes.
  • "Barney's Colorful World Live!"- Your children can watch Barney's live stage show along with many of Barney's friends and many sign-along songs. It includes "Barney's Jukebox" with 22 songs; a Read-Along "Tour Guide"; a mini-featurette "People, Places & Animals Adventure," and 5 bonus episodes of Bob the Builder, Rubbadubbers, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper and Pingu. The run time for this DVD is approximately 69 minutes.
  • "Happy Mad Silly Sad"- Barney encourages his friends to learn about emotions, manners, sharing and more. Barney always helps kids have a fun time. It includes a Read-Along "Barney's Book of Hugs" and games "What's Different?" "Make-a-Mask" and "Barney's Heart Maze." The run time for this DVD is about 45 minutes.
The Thomas On-The-Go Pack DVDs are

  • "Hooray for Thomas"- Thomas saves the day and wins a medal for it. The children ride on the tracks, and Edward rescues a band. There is so much to celebrate! It also includes a Read-Along story "The Great Race," a Sing-Along song "The Red Balloon," and some bonus DVD games. The run time is about 35 minutes.
  • "Trust Thomas"- Thomas is out on an adventure. The DVD also has a Character Gallery, Sing-Along song "Harold the Helicopter," and a "Sir Topham Hatt's Word Fun" game. This DVD runs about 40 minutes.
  • "Thomas, Percy & the Dragon"- The bravest engines take on a challenge. It has a Read-Along story "Thomas, Percy & the Dragon," the sing-along "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining," and the "Paint My Color" game. And it runs about 37 minutes.
Since my son is a huge fan of Barney and Thomas both, he loved these DVD sets. He started watching the new DVDs the day we got them. The carrying cases are very handy. We've using one for his CDs to take them along in the car. We don't have a DVD player for the car yet, but we're thinking about getting one for summer travel (any suggestions?). I know these new DVDs would be a big hit and make all the car rides we have ahead easier.

The DVDs themselves are good. The carrying cases are good quality and handy. The only thing I've noticed about them that I don't like is that they are open. The DVDs could slide out the top (in fact I've already done that once or twice) and especially with kids I know they will slip out. A zippered pouch would be a little handier with young children. But this one is easier for my son to open and close with its Velcro attachment.

Buy It: The Barney and Thomas On-the-Go Packs are available in stores just in time for summer. You can also get them online.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for the purposes of my review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and all opinions here are my own.*