Saturday, May 8, 2010

Testing a new format

After talking to my husband this morning, I have a few options for posting that I'm going to try. I knew talking to him would help, but he was already in bed last night when I was completely frustrated.

It looks like my biggest problem is that I compose my blog posts using Blogger's "compose" option. While it is user friendly and easy to use (which I really like), it does create some formatting problems when I post.

So, I'm going to try using Microsoft Word's Blog Post composer for a bit and see what happens there. I don't know if it will do everything that I'm looking for it to do, though.

A few months ago I read somewhere (on a blog I don't remember where) about a blog composer that you can download to your desktop. The person who was using it said how great is was and how much she liked it for her blog. I don't think I marked the post that I saw that one, and I really wish I would have now.

I'm still open to suggestion if any of you have some. I want to stay with Blogger, but I could use some new blog composing ideas.


2Forgetful said...

Are you thinking of Microsoft Live Writer? It downloads to your desktop and works with most blog services. I heard about it from someone who uses blogger. I haven't tried it myself yet (it would help if I would start blogging again...) but it sounded great.

Eli's Lids said...

I've heard Windows Live Writer is great! I have yet to try it though.
Just blog hopping around!