Friday, July 9, 2010

WAT-AHH! Review + Contest

Do your children get enough water and other liquids to keep them hydrated throughout the day? I know my son has good days and bad days. He drinks a glass of milk or juice with breakfast, water or juice (only if he didn't have it for breakfast) with lunch, milk with supper, and I only offer him water the rest of the day and between meals. But many times it's tough to get him to drink enough water. Am I the only mother who struggles with this?

Well, I know I'm not alone. Rose Cameron thought of this solution when her son, Jack, told her how boring he thought water was. She created WAT-AHH! as an answer to that. It's for kids. Fun! Cool! Exciting! This is a new way for kids to drink water. It will get them interested in it. It's definitely not boring.

About the company:

 After one year in the market, Rose and Jack proved that WAT-AHH!'s screaming boy, his big mouth, the neon colors, the slick bottle, the eye-catching advertising, and of course, the brand name were enough to convince kids to choose water over sodas. Yes… water over soda!!! In fact, in a recent study, WAT-AHH! was chosen and consumed by 9 out of 10 kids (out of 1900+ participants) over sodas and juices. Kids described WAT-AAH! as "the coolest water every [sic] created!" WAT-AAH!'s website and viral efforts have accumulated over 1.5 million hits to date. Over 450 mom bloggers nationwide have positively reviewed or commented on WAT-AAH's healthy offering, its cool/contemporary design and its ability to convince children to switch away from sodas. Trendhunter magazine named WAT-AAH! One of the top 10 products for kids for two consecutive years (2009 & 2010)…makes sense!
With 1 in 3 children in the US considered overweight or obese, WAT-AAH!'s mission is very clear: to reverse children's dependency on sodas and other sugary drinks and participate in the fight against the biggest health threat facing the country today… childhood obesity.

I love this product! I think that anything that can get children drinking more water is fantastic. My son loved the name and the bottles. He also loved that it was water just for him. We received 4 bottles of WAT-AAH!, one of each variety. They did not last long in our house. And since we ran out and don't have more yet, I've been refilling them with tap water and using the bottles again. I don't think that kids should have lots of sugary, caffeinated drinks, so getting them used to drinking lots of water is such a great practice.

WAT-AAH! is running a summer challenge. It's going on now through September 30, 2010. It's called the Show Me WAT-YOU-GOT! Web-Based Kid Talent and Skills Challenge. Go check out the website and enter your kids' talents. Kids ages 5-17 are able to participate and show off their talents in music, soccer, dance, art, and other things. Entries will be judged on creativity, skills and expertise, memorability, and overall impact. All winning kids will receive a cash prize, and the winner of the soccer challenge will win a trip for two to Italy to watch the 2010 European Champions, InterMilan, play, and the winner of the music challenge will have the chance to professionally record and mix their song in NYC, and present to Al Branch—a chief talent scout for Def Jam Records and manager of well known artists such as Kanye West and Drake. So, let your kids show off their talents now!

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*Disclosure: I was not paid to post this, but a product was provided to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*