Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursdays in August

This has been a bit of a strange week for me. But that's life. There are weeks like that once in a while. Part of the problem may be all the rain we've had this week. It keeps us all a little dreary. But today the sun is shining, and that I can be grateful for.

I'm trying to think of some fun things that we can do for the rest of the summer. We should go see a movie. We should visit a few more parks. We should go swimming a few more times. We should visit my parents for a few more days.  And the list goes on. Summer is sliding by too quickly for me.

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Lori@Two Daughters, A Husband, and A Minivan! said...

Hi! Thanks so much for following me; I'm returning the favor! Love the giveaways you have going on. I'm headed to enter them now!

Meaghan said...

Thanks for following me! I look forward to your blog as I follow you now.

Ewa said...

Thanks for following me, I'm your new follower as well
Rain :( when it starts hear that's it it rains and rains

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow, I am following back. Hope you have a great day.