Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“Great Parents, Lousy Lovers” by Gary Smalley & Ted Cunningham Review

Parenting and marriage advice all wrapped up in one. That's what "Great Parents, Lousy Lovers" by Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham is all about. We all need to make time to focus on our marriages. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the lives and activities of our children that we don't take the time to focus on our spouse. In "Great Parents, Lousy Lovers" Smalley and Cunningham give lots of great tips and advice about making our marriages first.

When we are happy in marriage it makes us better parents. I fully believe that and so do Smalley and Cunningham. They share what we can do to be better husbands and wives and also about teaching our kids how to be independent, so they'll be confident adults.

My husband and I are very good about putting each other first in our family. We make sure that we have weekends or evenings away now and then just the two of us. We recognize that we need that to keep our marriage in tact. And in the end we're better parents because of our great marriage.

If you're a married parent, this book is for you! From a Christian perspective this book will help you in your relationship both with your spouse and with your children too.

Buy It: "Great Parents, Lousy Lovers" is available in bookstores everywhere and from Amazon and other online book distributors.

*Disclosure: I was not paid to post this, but a product was provided to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*