Wednesday, January 12, 2011

EcoSmart Review

We all care about our families. We want to keep them safe inside and out. One way of doing this is to use organic products in and out of our homes. There are many easy ways to clean the inside of your house organically. And buying and growing organic foods will help your families be healthier on the inside too.

EcoSMART is a company that specializes in Organic Insecticide. They carry products like Home Pest Control, Insect Repellent and Garden Fungicide. The best part is everything they make is organic and plant based. EcoSMART products are safe to use around pets and children. They have products that I feel comfortable using with my family.

EcoSMART carries these product bundles: Safe Home Value Bundle, Safe Plant & Garden Value Bundle, Safe Picnic Value Bundle, Safe Personal Care Value Bundle, safe Lawn and Outdoor Value Bundle, and Safe Patio Value Bundle. I've had the chance to try their Safe Patio Bundle which contains Ant & Roach Killer, Flying Insect Killer and Two bottles of Insect Repellent. And we received the Safe Plant & Garden Value Bundle to review; it has Weed and Grass Killer, Garden Fungicide, Garden Insect Killer and Insect Repellent. You won't have to worry about those pests or different types of spiders anymore.

We are not able to plant our garden yet, but you can be sure that my husband has been thinking about what he'd like to do this year. Matt pretty much does the fruits and vegetables. I have a few flower beds that I take care of. It's so important to me to keep the fruits and vegetables, especially, as organic as possible. Sometimes the bugs and other problems make that hard to do. But now with our EcoSMART garden products that will be easier.

I was definitely impressed by the Insect Repellent that we used over the summer last year. I am really particular about using insect repellent on my son. I waited until he was a bit older and only when necessary to use it, and I've never used DEET on him. Now I feel much safer using this product that I know is made from plant oils and will still keep my son safe from insect bites.

Look no farther for organic pestisides. You'll find that EcoSMART has something for all those needs. And you'll feel great that you're doing something good for your family.

Buy It: EcoSMART products are available from their website or search to find a store near you (Wal-Mart and Meijer carry them here).


*Disclosure: I was not paid to post this, but a product was provided to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*