Monday, January 3, 2011

A Fresh Start in a New Year!

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope that you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

I didn't mean to be away from my blog for almost 2 weeks. I knew I needed some time with my family, so that's what I did. I made more time for them. And not blogging was a big way to make more time. Plus we were traveling for Christmas to be with our families.

Last Tuesday I went with my parents, husband, and son to the Newport Aquarium a few hours south of here. We spent the day at the aquarium, had lunch, then spent the afternoon/evening at a nice hotel in the area. The pool was fun with the little guy, and we ordered pizza and watched a movie in our room. Then Wednesday on the way home we did a little shopping at Jungle Jim's and the outlet mall. It was a fun little trip with our family. It was all about getting Zachariah out and having fun with him. We accomplished that!

So, now we rang in the New Year with family and friends. We're home and unpacked, and I'm working on the laundry. The Christmas gifts are still strewn about the house. I must reorganized and sort my son's toys, because he had so many to begin with and now he's once again been spoiled beyond belief.

As for me, a few things are changing around here. So this is the start of a new year and new schedule for us around here. I want to get back to some basics of being a stay at home mom and housewife. I haven't made any new year's resolutions, but there are some things I need to work on. I suppose they are resolutions of sorts. It probably wouldn't hurt to write them down.

And now that I'm back and getting back into the daily grind, I will be back at reviews and giveaways here. I have some backed up from before the holidays, so be on the lookout for some great reviews and giveaways with wonderful companies. You will also see some more from me soon about a great giveaway/review event coming up with another blogger. Fun stuff!

So, what would you like to see from me here at PS Mom Reviews this year? I'd love to have your imput. And Happy New Year! May it be a blessed one for all of you.


Alessandra said...

Glad you are back! Glad to hear you had a fun New Year. Your blog is great as it is, it would be cool if you could share some recipes too.

Unknown said...
Following your blog!
Please follow back!
If you could follow me on Facebook, that would be great!
The Dad!