Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smiley Cookies Review

Smiley Cookie 1

Does a cookie make you smile? What if your cookie smiled at you? Then they are irresistible! Have you ever had a Smiley Cookie? And I don’t mean any old smiley cookie, I mean THE Smiley Cookie. If you’ve ever eaten at Eat ‘N Park, then maybe you have. If you haven’t eaten there, never fear, you can purchase the infamous Smiley Cookies online now!

Smiley Cookie 2

We have never had Smiley Cookies before. When our package of Stars and Smiles Gift Basket - Star and Original Smiley Gourmet Sugar Cookies arrived, we were excited. These cookies are large, as big as your hand large. They are completely covered in frosting on the front from edge to edge. And they come in fun, bright colors and shapes. To top it off each cookie comes complete with a smile.

The Smiley Cookies don’t just look good. They are so yummy! (Yes, yummy is a technical term.) These big cookies are soft and have a perfect sugar cookie taste. The icing on top is thin, sweet, and also very good. I stuck one of our 2 boxes in the freezer, because the cookies are so large. I didn’t think we’d be able to eat 2 dozen before they started to dry out. Well, we didn’t let the 1st dozen go to waste, that’s for sure. They only lasted a few days in my house. My whole family gobbled these up. Then I pulled out the other box the next week. (They didn’t last long either.)

I now have a love for these delicious cookies. Not only are the Smiley Cookies great, but they are peanut free cookies (which is great for families with allergies). They also have custom cookies and holiday cookies. Right now is a great time to try Smiley Cookies with all of their cool Halloween designs.

Smiley Cookie 3

Go try some Smiley Cookies for yourself today. They are available from And if you join their mailing list or follow them on Facebook or Twitter, they run great specials and offers. I love how interactive they are on Facebook. It’s refreshing to get wonderful service from a fun place. Don’t delay, go order your cookies now. And now you can get 20% off all Halloween cookies by using the code: SPOOKY20.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for my review. All opinions are my own.*


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