Monday, April 30, 2012

Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath DVD

Rub-a-dub-dub! Fun in the tub! Grab your rubber ducky and get ready to soak in some lamb-tastic good fun as preschool favorite Timmy Time returns for an all new family-friendly, good-hearted release, Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath. It is available on DVD now from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

With slapstick humor and not a single line of dialogue, Timmy Time follows a day in the life of barnyard preschoolers. With diverse animal character along with a rich and colorful nursery school backdrop, Timmy and his friends learn life lessons that every preschooler needs to know. Whether fleeing bath time, becoming a walking collage, being bitten by the cleaning bug or engaging in a paint way, Timmy and his pals always bring joy, heart and a little silliness to any situation.

Timmy Time is a show that airs on Disney Channel's Disney Junior. It's programming for kids ages 2-7 and their families and airs in more than 99 million US homes. The show is from the same award winning creators of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

The product: In Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath you can enjoy some good clean fun with Timmy and his friends! Adventures with mud, glue and paint leave Timmy in some sticky situations. This clever little lamb uses his creativity to make tub-time fun and turn a paint fight into a masterfleece! Timmy cleans up and discovers the most fun of all is being with friends! Soak up the good times with Tinny...just don't forget to wash behind your ears.

The episodes on this DVD include:
  • Timmy Needs a Bath
  • Sticky Timmy
  • Tidy Timmy
  • Timmy Goes Camping
  • Timmy the Artist
And there are 2 fun bonus features too. There is a music video- Timmy's Tune #2. And then you can catch a bonus episode from Shaun the Sheep called "Supersize Timmy", which is so funny!

What we thought: We have long been fans of Shaun the Sheep, and when Timmy Time came around with some of the characters from that we were thrilled. While this show is great for children of all ages, it is a little more for the kid crowd where Shaun the Sheep might appeal to adults a little more. Still, Timmy Time is great family fun! 

This DVD will not disappoint. And just think, your children can be entertained without you being annoyed by all the crazy dialog, since this show has a unique way of communication between characters. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Timmy Time with your kids today.

Where to buy: The Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath DVD  is available in stores and online now.

How to Connect: You can find more fun Timmy Time activities to do with your children on the website- And you can also see more on his Facebook page.

*Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.*


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