Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diamond Wave

Diamonds are a girl's best friend? At least that's what they say, right? Do you have a favorite diamond? Did you choose it? Maybe you helped pick out your engagement ring or designed a lovely piece of jewelry? I have a lovely diamond engagement ring, and actually I picked it out after we were married. My husband bought a small heart-shaped diamond when he proposed. We were 19 years old, and he didn't have a lot of money. Our first Christmas we still didn't have a lot, but we did have a little more so we got a little big bigger oval diamond that fit nicely into my setting. I love my diamonds. (Now I just need to lose some weight, so my rings fit again.)

At DiamondWave they have beautiful rings and more. You can check out their Top 10 Engagement Rings and see how lovely they are. I think if I had to choose all over again I'd definitely go for something more along the lines of these gorgeous rings.

You can also find other varieties of diamonds and diamond jewelry at DiamondWave. One thing I don't have that I would like some day is a set of diamond stud earrings. Aren't they beautiful? My favorites are the Princess Diamond Stud Earrings. So, so pretty. Some day I'm sure my sweet husband would love to buy some like this for me. He honestly loves to spoil me, and from time to time it's wonderful. Diamonds may not be my best friend, but they certainly are beautiful.

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