Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photos to CD

I never took so many pictures. When digital cameras became the norm, it was so much easier to snap lots of photos. And then I became a mom. Wow! Talk about photos. I only have one child, but we have so many pictures of him. It has decreased some now that he's a little older, but there are still so many pictures.

I don't know about you, but I don't get around to printing all of those photos I take either. I made a few photo albums with pictures I printed when Zachariah was a baby, but that's been ages ago. I just haven't made the effort to keep up with printing. The cost adds up fast, then you have to sift through all the shots to decide which ones to print. And they do take up space.

What alternatives are there? I know that I don't feel comfortable just letting them sit around on my computer's hard drive. If you've ever had computer problems, you know how unstable that can be. If your hard drive goes, then all your photos go too. One great way to save photos is to put your photos to cd. We have done this with lots of our digital photos. CDs are small to store, and you can easily view your photos on most computers. And this helps with all of those photos that you've been hanging onto from your youth. Getting them digitalized is so much easier. does just that. They have you get you pictures onto CDs for easy viewing. They can do photographs, reel, and video all to CD. All you have to do is box up your old photos and send them off. They do all the hard work. They take great care of your photos/videos and turn them digital. They all get scanned and checked, then they send back your original pictures and your new CD with all the digital copies. Now you can store away your photos without worrying about them. They are all digital and easy to share.

How do you save and protect your photos?


Amy V said...

i've never heard of this company but it's a good idea- i'd hate to lose all of mine on the computer!

Unknown said...

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