Sunday, September 2, 2012

Benziger Family Winery

I have not been to a winery before. When I think of a winery, I picture beautiful vineyards with rows and rows of big grapes growing. I see rolling hills where you can see grapes for miles each direction. I'm sure this is what I picture in my head because of romantic movies and shows like The Bachelor. It seems like a nice romantic way to spend a day with your significant other. While I know there are wineries in Ohio, I don't think they are quite as picturesque as this.

The Benziger Family Winery is very beautiful. It's just as I would image such a winery, from their pictures on their website. But the Benziger Family Winery not only prides itself in its wine, they are also proud of the way that they approach farming and growing their grapes for the best final product. They produce Sonoma biodynamic wine. Instead of chemicals to help keep the plants healthy and producing well, they rely on organic farming techniques. It's interesting to read on their site about their biodynamic ways to harvest and produce. They use flowers to attract bees that they need for the plants as one interesting way.

Knowing where the grapes come from and how they are cared for, gives you as a consumer more confidence in the final product that you are receiving. Not only do you know they take great care of their product, but you know it's a better product because of that. This is what the Benziger Family Winery is all about.