Saturday, September 15, 2012


Halloween is such a fun time for kids. I think a big part of that is deciding what to dress up as. My son has been over the years: a mouse, giraffe, royal knight, Snoopy, Captain America, and this year...Wolverine. It's fun to watch the changes in what he chooses. Lately he's been really into superheroes, so this made sense to me. Although I didn't realize he was really into Wolverine that much, and I suspect he mostly chose him for the "claws".

The product: This year we got to choose a costume from the website WholesaleCostumeClub. They have a big selection of boys and kids Halloween costumes. Some things we looked at were Superheros, Star Wars, cartoon characters, and so much more. It was hard to narrow it down. But Zachariah finally settled on Wolverine. It came with the full bodysuit (including padded "muscles"), mask, belt clip (velcro) and the "claw" hand covers. That last one might have been the best part for Zachariah. He only wished they were retractable. Ha!

What we thought: We got this costume in size medium for boys. It is supposed to fit most kids size 7-8. In clothes, Zachariah is wearing boys' sizes 6-7. This costume fit perfectly. I would recommend going up 1 size from their clothing. I don't think it will fit him next year.

The costume is pretty sturdy and easy to put on. Zachariah slips into and out of it easily. The mask didn't want to stay put, so most of the time he can't see out of both eyes at once. He could push it up a bit and not use the eye holes though.

We have noticed that after putting this on and off so many times some of the threads are coming loose. This happens at the shoulder seems and where the velcro is sewed into the costume and mask. It wasn't major or really noticeable, but if this is getting used for playtime a lot it might start to unravel.

Overall we like the costume, and Zachariah is happy to have something fun for Halloween events and trick-or-treating.

Where to buy: You can find this costume and others from

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*