Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sports Illustrated Kids

Do you have children who are really interested in sports? Maybe they love to play. Maybe they love to watch. Either way, this is a great gift idea for the little sports enthusiast in your family.

The product: Sports Illustrated Kids wanted to share with you a few things that are being planted under their holiday tree.
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Kids is THE magazine for boys and girls who love sports. The magazine presents sports the way kids want to read about them: with great action photos, easy-to-read stories about star athletes, helpful instructional tips from the pros, and humor, comics, and activities. SI Kids is a great way to encourage kids to read, and it has won highest honors from theAssociation of Educational Publishers and the Parents' Choice Award.
Not only has SI Kids won awards, they also give them out! This month, they crowned their first ever “SportsParent of the Year.”  With the help of parenting bloggers, the magazine received numerous nominations to honor dedicated sports parents from around the U.S.
Modeled after the famed Sportsman and SportsKid of the Year awards, the “SportsParent of the Year” 2012 title was given to Kristie Finnan, a mother of 3.  Finnan, a Pennsylvania native, coaches her daughter’s soccer team and regularly cheers on her children during soccer, basketball, gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do competitions.
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