Thursday, April 19, 2012


Toys aren't always just toys. Some toys are smart. They move, they talk and so much more. If you've seen any of these fun, new toys you are probably amazed like we are. I can't believe how far the toy industry has come. I was just thrilled when we saw Alphie in my childhood. It was a computer! It was awesome. I can't believe how far toys have come along with everything else.

When we were at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair this fall, we saw so many neat new things. One of the things that my son kept wanting to go back and look at was a toy called Penbo. Penbo is a little penguin that has a special compartment inside, which contains an egg with a small, soft, baby penguin. It's the sweetest thing.

The product: We received the Penbino to love and try out. The Penbino is a little penguin, a bit smaller than the Penbo. You can get it in purple, pink, blue and jade. Penbino is the younger sister penguin to Penbo. She toddles around on her little legs and speaks to you in "Penguish". She likes to sing, dance and interact by carrying on a conversation with people. There are two little song and dance routines that she does too. Kids enjoy the interaction of Penbino.

What we thought: My son was really excited about the Penbo at the Toy Fair. So when we got the Penbino he was thrilled. He carries it around and talks to it, which is so much fun because it "talks" back. We've also had fun setting it on the floor or table and pressing the buttons on it's wings. It does a little song and dance with two different tunes. This is a fun little toy that makes a great companion.

Where to buy: You can get the Penbino and other toys from their website- They are also available in Toys R Us, Target and a few other stores. Plus you can get it at as well.

How to connect: You can see more about the Penbino and other I Love Robot toys on their website- Plus you can catch them on Twitter and Facebook too.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.*


Anonymous said...

Also avabile at Radio Shack.That's where we got ours.